How Did the World Begin?

Judging from common scientific statements, it would seem that our observations about the beginning of the world and the Bible's account of creation could not be further apart. The common scientific presentation of the beginning of creation is that billions of years ago the universe started from nothing, and that space, time, energy and matter expanded outward to form the stars and planets we see today. On our planet, a few billions of years ago, molecules came together to form more complex molecules, eventually resulting in the diversity of life we see today.

But what if none of that were true?

Most modern scientific approaches to understanding the world assume that there is no God, design, or purpose to the universe. Theories based on that belief assume the universe came to be through natural, undirected processes. But scientists who are willing to accept the existence of a God or a creating intelligence are willing to speak openly about the flaws in these theories. The universe, they point out, is suspiciously fine-tuned to support intelligent life: it didn't need to be that way. Life, in turn, has turned out to be more complex than anyone suspected a century ago. The odds of life "just happening" are astronomical. It turns out that the Bible's account of creation has not actually been discredited by the modern scientific community; it has simply been ignored.

The Bible teaches that the universe, our planet, and all life were created by God in an orderly, purposeful fashion and declared by Him to be good (Genesis 1-2). However when faced with the moral choice of trusting God or trusting in their own wisdom, the first two humans made the wrong choice (Genesis 3:1-7). Their decision caused a reaction throughout creation that twisted it out of line with God's original intent (Romans 8:20-23). The original perfect world now bears the taint of death. Jesus, God's incarnate Son, lived and died in that creation to begin the process of restoring it. In His resurrection, Jesus became the first fruit of a new created world without death, disease or destruction. Christians live in hope, waiting for that perfect world that is yet to come.