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Evangelical Life Ministries (ELM) believes the Christian Church has a powerful soul saving and rescuing message, and the media market-place should be used as a forum for bringing this message to others.


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How could it be that his girlfriend and eventual spouse were instrumental in bringing him to a solid confession in God’s Word, taught in Lutheranism? As now Director of Black/African Ministry for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Rev. Roosevelt Gray came from a time as a youth when he did not truly understand the Gospel...
This week on The Liberty Action Alert with Greg Seltz, join Dr. Gregory Seltz talking about secular ‘pietism’/identity politics’ challenge to the Church’s moral voice in the public square, undergirding much of the chaos in culture today. To engage the culture for the sake of the culture and the mission of the Church, Christians must...
This week on The Liberty Action Alert with Greg Seltz, Dr. Gregory Seltz discusses the challenges and the opportunities to talk about cultural and moral issues that are moving in society today. And how to discuss in a way that calls us back to the things of God for our blessing. Questions faced and answered...


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