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Evangelical Life Ministries (ELM) believes the Lutheran Church has a powerful soul saving and rescuing message, and the media marketplace should be used as a forum for bringing this message to others.  ELM is doing this now each Sunday night over station KKHT The Word, 100.7FM Houston from 7:00-8:00pm with the program entitled “Engaging Truth.”

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Recent Engaging Truth Broadcasts

  • Living Life & Growing Disciples – May21, 2017 - Our conversation this week will be with Rev. Jonathan Goeke. Rev. Goeke is pastor of a new mission start in North Houston of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. This church, Community of Hope, is committed to following Jesus' lead by demonstrating love through actions. COH is deliberately and slowly growing disciples through intentional relationships. COH has learned that life has different phases and different perspectives, and that it's great for all of those perspectives to be present. We can learn a lot from each other! Join our hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we discover how COH is living life and growing disciples.

  • Say That Again, Please – May 7, 2017 - There are times in our discussions that someone may ask us to repeat what we have just said. In our minds, we had thought that what was said was very clear. But not in the mind of the hearer; he/she needs to have it repeated. So it was with the disciples in John 10. Jesus often spoke in parables to them so they would get the real meaning behind the story, and would be able to relate it to the people with whom they would speak. But when Jesus talked to them about the "sheep" and the "sheep gate", it was an illustration that every Jew or Galilean would relate to and clearly understand. Join hosts John Cain and Dave Schultz as they analyze the illustration of the "sheep", the "sheep gate", and the critical importance of the "voice" of the Shepherd.

  • The Next Generation of Christians – April 30, 2017 - There is a well-documented trend of millennials leaving the church or turning away from their faith. Millennials are the generation born after 1980, so their oldest members are now around 35 years old. George Barna is a widely respected researcher and analyst of Christianity in the U.S. He is the author of over 50 books and the president of the American Culture and Faith Institute culturefaith.com. In addition to their youthfulness, Barna examines the millennial's desire for social consciousness, their worldview, as well as their spirituality. Join Pastors Schultz and Cain in this conversation with George Barna.

  • Engaging the Unengaged – April 23, 2017 - There is one characteristic that is often used to describe millennials: engaged. There is a desire to be hands-on in their workplace, to be part of a team rather than a subordinate receiving orders. They desire to be engaged with their friends, both in an online manner through social media and in regular interaction with their friends and peers. These young people also seek out ways to be involved in their local communities and (if they are involved in one) their church. How are we engaging them? Are they pushed off to the side because of a lack of expertise and experience, or are we seeking out their input and involvement? How can we engage them in a meaningful manner, which would encourage others in their generation to be involved? Guest Stephen DeMik, Pastor of Cypress Chapel, and hosts John Cain and David Schultz will speak to these questions as we seek to engage the unengaged.

  • A Millennial Conversation – April 16, 2016 - Millennials are constantly "engaged" in the global world through instantaneous updates, globalization, and frequent travel opportunities, but disengaged from those in close proximity; they are optimistic and passionate about pursuing impactful change in their world, but ignorantly unaware of the struggle and investment that is required as a part of the process; they are skeptical of institutions and "the man", but fail to learn from the wisdom of society and their elders. Listen in as host David Schultz speaks with Emma Clifford and Hector and Paula Flores on this revolutionary dichotomy and how God enters the picture of millennials.

  • Millennial Comfort – April 9, 2017 - This week we welcome Lyndsey and Gina, two young ladies who are attending college full time and working to supplement their needs. Aren't they entitled to more than full-time work and school? Weren't they promised that it would be a "little easier than this"? In addition, God is being pushed to the back burner by the educational and political environment in which they live and they are being led to believe that God is just not that "relevant" to where they are going. How can they keep all this together and still have confidence that "God will never fail them?" Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz in this timely discussion with these young millennials.

  • Leading Millennials to a New Reality – April 2, 2017 - Millennials approach truth differently than previous generations. By listening to the questions, they are asking about living in this world and leading them through the Scriptures, we can show them how the Scriptures apply to their lives. As they see the Scriptures working, they'll begin to see how God is their new reality. As Christian believers, we must be willing to find a way to fill all people with the love of Christ. Join our hosts, John Cain and David Schultz, along with guests, Lance Jordan and Jon Paulk, as this approach to reaching millennials is discussed.

  • The Millennial Mystery – April 2, 2017 - The church today seems really unauthentic to young people. Folks in the boomer generation seem to prefer to keep the church in its current form rather than change it to reach their own children, yet they criticize their adult children for not attending. When young people look at most churches, they see time and treasure given to basically supporting the congregation, instead of investing in community outreach. With these and many more conflicting outlooks, how do we reach the millennials? Join our guest millennial, Worship Director Jordan Even, to hear his thoughts on unraveling this mystery. David Schultz hosts.

  • Staying Faithful – March 26, 2017 - Attorney Greg Koch, who co-hosts "In the Trenches" on Sportstalk 790, started playing football in the third grade. He played through elementary school, middle school, high school, and four years at the University of Arkansas. He played in the NFL for 11 years, most of them with the Green Bay Packers as an offensive lineman. He is a member of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame. He left the NFL in 1988 to attend law school. Join host John Cain as he speaks with Greg about his sports career and staying faithful in an ever-increasing secular world.

  • From the Major Leagues to the Global Water Crisis – March 12, 2017 - Professional baseball player Scott Linebrink started as a walk-on for tryouts at Concordia University of Texas. Later he transferred to Southwest Texas State, and ultimately played professionally, pitching 12 seasons in the major leagues. Describing himself as "a small kid" and a "late bloomer," he marvels at what God has done in his life. Baseball went from being his "idol," to a God-given platform to live life in true peace and contentment. After baseball, Scott continued his Christian witness by working with WaterMission.org. Join host John Cain as he talks with Scott Linebrink about the big leagues and life in Christ.
  • Malachi Dads – March 5, 2017 - Malachi Dads is a program for fathers in prison who want to reclaim and heal broken relationships with their children. This ministry emphasizes the biblical role of fathers and works to restore and enhance a father's life-long influence on his children. The incarcerated fathers are reminded of their God-given roles and responsibilities as the spiritual leader for their children and their family. It puts the responsibility of breaking the cycle of crime in the hands of the fathers, where it belongs. Join guest, Pastor Tracy Baskin, of King's Pavilion Ministries, as we learn of this ministry of reconciliation. John Cain and David Schultz hosts.

  • Spiritual Transformation in the Prison System – February 26, 2017 - Field Director Bill Loyd, Prison Fellowship Ministries, works to help offenders prosper and be a benefit to society when released from prison. Recidivism is reduced and public safety is positively impacted through moral and spiritual rehabilitation. By providing pastoral care, the offenders will be better prepared to reenter society with better coping skills and valuable spiritual understanding. Hosts John Cain and David Schultz will learn how Prison Fellowship Ministries is doing God's work behind bars.

  • How God Changed My Life and Focus – February 19, 2017 - John Krueger serves as Director of Choir and Music at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Houston. Over the years, he has sung with the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Gilbert and Sullivan Society and others. He recently completed a certificate in liturgical studies at the University of Notre Dame. Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we learn how, when at a crossroads in his life and faith, this experience changed his life. We will also learn of his plans to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

  • Steps of Faith – February 19, 2017 - Brian and Leah Foutz, authors of "From Misery to Ministry" and "Steps of Faith" will be joining hosts John Cain and David Schultz for an encouraging message of hope and trust on Engaging Truth. After the loss of their only child in 2004, Brian and Leah began a journey into helping others take baby steps of faith toward healing. In their first book, "From Misery to Ministry: A Walk of Faith", they began to experience unique and divine encounters that would change their lives forever, as well as the lives of those they met. These encounters would become the stepping stones for their own steps of faith...learning to trust Him in all things and for all things.

  • Defend the Innocent Part I – February 12, 2017 - Abortion has been legal and socially acceptable in our land for over four decades. We have slowly grown accustomed to the horror. Evil has become ordinary. Like the proverbial frog in the kettle slowly heated to boiling, America and her churches have failed to discern the death and destruction which has engulfed us. The silence of the church and her pastors in the face of the moral catastrophe of abortion is deafening. It is the consequence of a devilish combination of ignorance and cowardice. The sad result is a denial of the power of the gospel and a betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ. The blood of millions of innocent unborn children is on our hands for we alone have the power to stop the killing and have failed in fear to use it. In this special one hour presentation of Engaging Truth, hosts John Cain and David Schultz will speak with Dr. Lawrence White, Sr. Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, about God's calling to each of us to defend the innocent.

  • Defend theInnocent Part II - February 12, 2017 - Part two of the program.

  • The Beatitudes - January 29, 2017 - Do you ever feel persecuted, alone, hurt or sad? Very early in Jesus' ministry, he spoke to a crowd of what is known as the Beatitudes. His "blessed are" statements are often misunderstood as a "to do list." Instead, they are designed to encourage you and give you hope. Join Pastors Cain and Schultz as they explore Jesus' powerful words meant for our comfort and support.

  • Leading Millennials to a New Reality – January 22, 2017 - Millennials approach truth differently than previous generations. By listening to the questions they are asking about living in this world and leading them through the Scriptures, we can show them how the Scriptures apply to their lives. As they see the Scriptures working, they'll begin to see how God is their new reality. As Christian believers, we must be willing to find a way to fill all people with the love of Christ. Join our hosts, John Cain and David Schultz, along with guests, Lance Jordan and Jon Paulk, as this approach to reaching millennials is discussed.

  • Rare Community – January 15, 2017 - This week on Engaging Truth, Mose and Kathy Dunning will be introducing the "RARE Community/Houston Event" being held at Christ the King Lutheran Church on 01/21/17. Imagine seeing people building a deeply secure, intimate, and interactive connection with the Lord, overflowing with appreciation and gratitude. Rare Community is a seminar about developing one's relational connection with the Lord and others to build a community of trust, joy and engagement. Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we learn of a practical and effective approach to living in Christ and with others.
    RARE Community Houston Event

  • Where Have the Millennials Gone? – January 8, 2017 - One of the main questions we hear about millennials, those born 1981-2001, is why aren't they in church? And, what can we do to get them back? The Church's reason for being is the same as it was when Jesus gave us the Great Commission: Make disciples. And yet many of today's leaders aren't sure how to grab hold of this generation and help them catch a vision for following Jesus. Join hosts Revs. John Cain and David Schultz as they speak with Revs. Nathan and Zach Misch, themselves millennials, about how to effectively engage this age group for the Kingdom.
  • The Reason for Their Hope – January 01, 2017 - Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we hear from a few of the junior seminary students at the Darrington Maximum Security Penitentiary in Rosharon, TX. You will hear the message of their hope and faith in Christ Jesus as they study to become field ministers/evangelists, eventually sharing the Gospel to the 155,000 adults in Texas prisons.

  • Not with Gold or Silver – December 25, 2016 - Christmas is a season known for gift-giving. What was the greatest, most memorable gift you have purchased? The Bible has a number of passages that describe us as being purchased, as our rescue and ransom from sin. Our rescue from the forces of evil did not come with an easy swipe of a credit card, not with silver or gold, but with the divine and precious blood of Jesus. Jesus' gift of eternity is for every believer, you and me and everyone who trusts in Him. Join Pastor John Cain for this program.

  • When Is Enough Enough? – December 18, 2016 - Money is mentioned over 2,000 times in the Bible so it is important to God how we use it. Money is a tool like any other, and as with all talents and tools given by God we should use it to His glory and to further His kingdom. While money is not bad or evil the love of money is both. Do we serve God or do we serve ourselves in our use of money, all of which comes from Him? How much money is enough? Join our hosts, John Cain and David Schultz, as they speak with Financial Advisor Royal Lunsford on how to be wise stewards of the resources God has given us.

  • Falling for the Money Scam – December 11, 2016 - Scam artists use a number of elaborate schemes to get your money. By knowing the common scams that are currently being used to separate people from their money, you can help prevent scammers from taking advantage of you or someone you know. Our guest this week is Post Oak Bank Executive Vice President Tom Murff. Tom will help our listeners understand the kinds of fraudulent transactions and scams that are being perpetrated against trusting folks. John Cain and David Schultz hosts.

  • A Christian Grasp of Money – December 4, 2016 - There are 2,350 verses about money in the Bible. God has a lot to say about our finances - sadly, many of us are not listening. The average American household spends $1.26 for every dollar they earn - which means "normal" is living a stressed-out, paycheck to paycheck life style. This week hosts John Cain and David Schultz will speak with Pat and Lisa Henney, Coordinators of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, about what God has to say about our finances.

  • The Injustice of Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross – November 27, 2016 - As long as 'they' are going to church, any church, it is okay, right?" We hear that statement all too often, when someone is trying to justify attendance at a church that does not teach the Bible quite correctly. If a church does not teach Jesus as the world's only Savior, what good is it? One of the ways churches are defined is whether they teach a theology of glory, or a theology of the cross. The theology of glory has an emphasis on the power, money and glory of the worshiper, an earthly reward for being a "good" Christian. Contrast human glory with Jesus' divine glory and His willingness to rescue us from the mess we had made, rescued by way of His cross. Only by Jesus are we certain we are fully forgiven and will share in His glory in eternity. Join Pastors Schultz and Cain as they discuss the injustice of "Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross."

  • Examining the Election – November 20, 2016 - Join our hosts, John Cain and David Schultz, as they examine, through a Biblical perspective, the recent presidential election with Rev. Dave Welch, President of the US Pastor Council. Will the change of presidential administration now finally bring hope and transformation to the US? Does the moral direction of elected leaders direct the morals of the people - or vice versa? These and other questions will be discussed in an effort to understand our earthly and heavenly citizenship.

  • Helping People See the Light of Christ – November 13, 2016 - Catherine Wangari is Head of Mission Support to Kenya. Her passion is bringing the word of Jesus to the people of her country while also offering much needed personal and medical care. The mission effort is a blessing to Kenyans, as well as the part-time missionaries who participate in them. Hear as Catherine Wangari describes the needs, challenges, and blessings of missions in Kenya, Africa. John Cain hosts.

  • Abolishing Human Trafficking – November 13, 2016 - We are only three months away from Super Bowl 51 in Houston. With the increase of visitors to the city, there will also be an increase in the demand for sex. That demand may be met by a victim of human trafficking. Cat French, Founder and Executive Director of Elijah Rising, is passionate about seeing the end of human trafficking in Houston and around the world. Join Cat French and hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we hear of the efforts to abolish this injustice.

  • Pray....Then Vote – November 6, 2017 - Has your voice been silenced? The devil wins a victory every time we believe his lie that religion and politics are two topics never to be discussed in polite company. The way our country was designed to work is by informed, Christian moral guidance, so take your God-given responsibility! Join Pastors Schultz and Cain as they talk with a variety of Christian leaders about life during this contentious political season.

  • The Role of Christians – October 30, 2016 - People of every century have the same spiritual hunger, an emptiness than can be filled only by Jesus. Beyond emptiness, communities have times of anxiety, even fear. Join us as the Rev. Gregory Seltz talks about the unique role Christians have in every age, sharing the Good News of Jesus and addressing that emptiness, anxiety and fear. Seltz is the speaker of the longest running religious broadcast in the U.S., "The Lutheran Hour" radio program, heard each week on over 1,600 stations. Program host is John Cain.

  • Teaching Jesus in Today's Culture – October 23, 2016 - Parents and other educators are quick to point out the best ways to do things. Often, information is given as information is needed, such as at a "teachable moment." At times, Jesus' recorded words were given in response to conversations and actions around Him, in those teachable moments. Join Engaging Truth's hosts, Pastors David Schultz and John Cain, as they discuss Jesus' teaching for today's moments.

  • The Mission Field in Our Own City – October 16, 2016 - LINC Houston is a non-profit faith-based organization that believes God loves communities and seeks to restore them through His people. In Houston, we enjoy an incredible diversity of communities and people groups. There are people living here from everywhere in the world. In fact, it's been stated repeatedly that Houston is the most ethnically balanced major city in the U.S. Listen in as our guest, Rev. Mark Junkans, Executive Director of LINC Houston, offers insights into breaking barriers that limit our ability to share the Gospel, and prevent us from knowing the richness that comes through cross-cultural relationships. Hosted by John Cain.

  • Life Issues - Do Our Deeds Contradict? – October 9, 2016 - Special Two-Part Show - Dr. Larry White, Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Houston, will be offering an assessment of the strange dilemma which confronts Christians in this presidential race. The crucial issues of life and family have faded into insignificance because of the apathetic indifference of the people of God in Christ. Has the salt lost its savor and the light faded away into the darkness? What does all this mean for the integrity of the Gospel which we proclaim, as our deeds contradict our words? Join hosts John Cain and Dave Schultz for this special one-hour program as this inconsistency is examined.

  • Making Disciples of All Nations in the U.S. – October 02, 2016 - POBLO International is a Christian organization working to transform the way missions is approached in the United States by responding to the changing demographics that have brought the mission field to our own front yard. POBLO serves immigrants and refugees and trains and educates churches on how to engage in cross-cultural outreach. By engaging in cross-cultural mission and grassroots community outreach here in the U.S., and by training and partnering with local churches, POBLO is revolutionizing the way the Gospel is shared. Join host John Cain and guest Cynthia Khan, Director of Community Engagement for POBLO, and learn how POBLO is "making disciples of all nations" right here in the United States.

  • Without This Ring – September 25, 2016 - Our guest this week is Author Donna Pyle. Donna has recently written a survival guide for Christians who are navigating the minefield of divorce. She knows what it's like...she's been through a divorce. She knows the pain of dealing with the anger and struggling with the idea of forgiveness. "Without This Ring" offers relatable, real-life stories from women and men who have experienced divorce, along with pastoral and licensed Christian counselor's wisdom on how to navigate, survive, and emerge hopeful during your own divorce. Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz and learn how Donna helps people going through a divorce understand that though they are wounded, they are not defeated.

  • Protecting Children from Child Protection Agencies – September 11, 2016 - Join guest Juda Myers, Founder of Choices4Life, as she recounts the story of a 14-year-old girl who became pregnant from a rape. This young girl courageously chose life for the baby; she refused to consider the option of abortion, and told her grandparents, who are her legal guardians, that if they would help her, she would raise and love this baby. Instead of celebrating her as a hero, the state's child protective services came into the hospital and seized the newborn baby, leaving a devastated young mother and her family in their wake. Hosts John Cain and David Schultz will explore with Juda how dignity and honor must be restored to the women and the children of rape conception.

  • An Important Look into Biblical Social Justice – September 4, 2016 - Hosts John Cain and David Schultz will speak this week with Attorney and Pastor Craig Kyle Hemphill. Pastor Hemphill will address the path to continued righteousness in the United States in relation to the Church. When examining Biblical Justice, there has to be a purpose related to the context of scripture and how we rehabilitate or offer salvation to those who fall away from or who are not in Christ. How do we become one as a community in the United Sates in relation to racial and cultural differences? The law is limited in securing this function; accord can be achieved only through Christ. Also, hear how the political differences that exist in our country are not wholly related to Christianity. Join us for this timely and thought-provoking conversation.

  • Rural/Small Town Ministry – August 28, 2016 - In our church body, across the nation, rural/small town ministry makes up over 50% of the congregations. Another reality is that over 50% of pastoral candidates receive their first call to the rural/small town context. And if they are going without any experience in the rural/small town community, that can be a problem or it can be a marvelous experience. But it is important to recognize that whether one is in the urban or rural context, the body of Christ is the body of Christ. We have the same law and the same gospel and the same call to proclaim the forgiveness of sins earned by Jesus. Guest Rev. Steven Misch, Mission & Ministry Facilitator-Texas District, along with hosts John Cain and David Schultz will explore the challenges, the myths, the realities and the joys of being on God's mission in the small town, the rural community and even in isolated areas.

  • Expanding the Kingdom – August 21, 2016 - The need for mission outreach and church planting is great. Mission outreach (and the church planting that results) begins, not in a command of God, but in the heart of God. It is an expression of the Gospel. Join our guest Rev. Jon Braunersreuther, Mission and Ministry Facilitator-Texas District, and hosts John Cain and David Schultz to hear inspiring and diverse stories of church planters. For resources and more information, please visit: http://txlcms.org/planting-resources/

  • Five Markers for a Flourishing Church – August 14, 2016 - Millions of new believers in Jesus. Thousands of new churches. Communities rallying around the Gospel. Innovative efforts to send workers into the harvest fields. A Gospel movement sweeping a nation. This isn't merely a description of what God is doing in the global south today. It is a picture of God's work in the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries. The church was flourishing. Faith was being shared. New congregations were being started. People were receiving the hope of eternal life. Can it happen again? Join our guest author Michael Newman, Mission and Ministry Facilitator-Texas District, and hosts David Schultz and John Cain to learn if it's possible for the Christian church in the United States to become vibrant and relevant once more?

  • Rich toward self and rich toward God? – July 31, 2016 - Ours is a self-indulgent culture. It is deceptively easy to live, when you only please yourself. But, living only for yourself, to the exclusion of family, friends and God, is selfishness. Join Pastors Schultz and Cain as they discuss Jesus' teaching, recorded in the Bible at Luke 12:13-21.

  • The Real Healing that is Needed – July 24, 2016 - Healing---physically it's our body putting itself back to rights. We need medicine, sleep, and sometimes even a doctor's care to get better. But the deep down soul wounds take something more than regular medicine. Soul wounds take God's reaching into us with His forgiveness, His love and compassion, His grace-filled rest, and the medicine of His Word and His Son's sacrifice for us. Guest Dana Bahn was lost and had little hope of something better. Come and hear how Jesus took her from being sick and tired to being healed and whole. Come and hear the good news of Jesus - He can heal the wounds in your soul. Dave Schultz hosts.

  • When My Story for His Glory Becomes a Victory Lap – July 17, 2016 - Our guest this week is Casey Pace, founder of "My Story for His Glory". This organization shows the importance of telling your story to continue your healing journey. Casey is passionate about Jesus Christ and shares of His love and forgiveness which conquers all sin, anger and doubt in the lives of people healing from past sexual abuse. Casey is a public speaker and advocate for victims’ rights and shares her testimony whenever possible. Hear her story of struggle from past sexual abuse to complete and total freedom in Jesus. Join in this stimulating conversation with Host Dave Schultz.

  • From the Penitentiary to Field Ministry – July 10, 2016 - By the grace of God, the Darrington Extension of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has now graduated 66 inmates serving as Field Ministers on 13 prison units across the state of Texas. Some of the prison units have been surprised by the violent background (before and in prison) of the Field Ministers they have received, but have been even more surprised by the kind of men they have become. Field Ministers are doing more than just becoming workers in existing programs, they are finding new and creative ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and minister to the men on the units. Join our host, David Schultz, as he speaks with guest Dr. Ben Phillips, Director of the Darrington Extension, about the transition from inmate to Field Minister.

  • Understanding Life and Death Issues – July 3, 2016- How does a Christian approach life and death issues? With faith and prayer, of course! In a profound series of events, the Rev. Timothy Carter worked through the issues of life, death and faith when he was a prison guard, working on the capital punishment squad. His insights can benefit every believer, every Christian citizen. His book, "The Executioner's Redemption" is helping individuals and Sunday school classes map the intersection of faith, vocation and the 21st century experience. Join host John Cain for this conversation.

  • The Importance of Unity – June 26, 2016 - Jesus prayed for unity among Christians.... Unity with God and with each other (John 17). That Unity is urgent, so that the world will know the Father's love through Jesus. While accuracy in Christian teachings is important, so are Jesus' "Great Commission," mutual encouragement and collaboration. In a time when extremism is evident in the headlines, Christ's people must take Gospel care to remain in the world, but not of the world, balanced and evangelical sharers of the only Good News. Listen in as our guests, Sr. Pastor Bill Tucker and Executive Pastor Zach McIntosh of Concordia Lutheran, San Antonio, TX, discuss the belief and commitment the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has to collaboration in ministry.

  • Bringing Up Godly Children – June 19, 20106 - In observance of Father's Day, our host David Schultz will speak with Pastor David Bahn and his son, Matthew, on the challenges and joys of fatherhood. Most importantly, the discussion will focus on the responsibility fathers have to bring up godly children in today's world. Join us as we hear of creating strong bonds between fathers and children.

  • Impact of Prison Seminary Program in Other States – June 12, 2016 - Many of us are familiar with the seminary program being carried out very successfully at Darrington Maximum Security Prison in Rosharon, TX. Few of us, however, know what is happening in seminary work in other states. So to help us visualize this, Grove Norwood, Executive Director of the Heart of Texas Foundation, which helps to underwrite the continuing cost of the seminary education at Darrington, will be joining us. Grove will help us to see through his eyes the graduation of 33 inmates to serve as Field Ministers in the Texas prison system and what the program looks like in other states. Join hosts John Cain and Dave Schultz as they go to the "depths" of information with Grove.

  • From Street-Walking to Kendleton Farm Walking – June 5, 2016 - Located southwest of Houston, TX, Kendleton Farms once housed a small Christian college. Today, Kendleton Farms is Elijah Rising's multifaceted social enterprise community where women (and their children) who have survived sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, drug abuse, and violence can live, heal, and work for a time in order to reenter society with job skills and a viable income. Hosts John Cain and David Schultz will speak with Samantha Hernandez, Intervention Manager, and her husband about the many blessings God is providing at Kendleton Farms. www.elijahrising.org

  • Missionary Work in a New Culture & a New Century – May 29, 2016 - Dr. Yohannes Mengsteab joined the Texas District to serve as the mission and ministry facilitator of Area B in October of 2015. Before coming to the Texas District, he served the church in numerous immigrant missional positions. He also currently serves as a board member of Mission Nation Publishing. Yohannes' personal mission is "to know Christ and to use every opportunity to introduce Him to as many as it is possible." Join host John Cain as we get to know Yohannes and learn of the immigrant missionary movement of the 21st century and the role of the church in this movement. www.MissionNationPublishing.com

  • A Possible Grace Deficiency – May 22, 2016 - A church definition for GRACE is, God's Riches At Christ's Expense. In other words, the richness of God's mercy, forgiveness and hope becomes ours by faith in what Christ accomplished for us on the cross and the open grave. Or as Ephesians 2:8 states, "For by GRACE you have been saved...."or II Corinthians 12:9, "My GRACE is sufficient for you..." But is this grace being compromised as indifference or apathy? Is the grace we read about in the Bible here on Earth today? Maybe it's time to have an open discussion about grace. Join guest Rev. Ken Hennings, President of the Texas District-LCMS, along with Pastors John Cain and David Schultz as they explore "Is America experiencing a "grace deficiency" and if so, can the church be that far behind?"

  • The Pentecost Experience – May 15, 2016 - What is it about the Pentecost story in Acts chapter two that makes some Christians uncomfortable? Is it Luke's description of "tongues of fire" resting on the heads of the 120 cramped into the special Jerusalem room? Or is it the immediacy of each of the participants to "be filled with the Spirit and to begin to speak in another tongue as the Spirit enabled them"? The tendency even for some of us pastors is to ignore those sections of Scripture that might be a little unnerving for us to deal with. But it is in Scripture. Join Pastors John Cain and Dave Schultz for a critical, poignant and relevant discussion on this important Biblical message and experience.

  • Kairos Prison Ministry – May 8, 2016 - Join host David Schultz as he speaks with Rev. Timothy Fangmeier, an LCMS pastor, a conflict management specialist, and a Kairos Prison Ministry volunteer. Rev. Fangmeier has been associated with Kairos for 25 years. Kairos Prison Ministry serves nearly 500 prisons and communities in 35 states and 9 countries. The mission of Kairos is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities. Learn how Kairos makes a difference in the prison, the prisoner, and in the heart of the once-reluctant volunteer.

  • The Paradox of Church and World – May 1, 2016 - In his new book, The Paradox of Church and World: Selected Writings of H. Richard Niebuhr, Dr. Jon Diefenthaler, adjunct faculty member at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, examines a church that can be truly "in" without becoming "of" today's world. In this book he not only addresses the concerns of Niebuhr's critics, but makes a case for him to be at the table where conversation is taking place concerning the best ways to engage people who have no religious affiliation (nones) or who have left the church (dones) in this part of our 21st century world. Join hosts, John Cain and Dave Schultz, as they speak with Dr. Diefenthaler on the contradictions between the church and the world.

  • The Journey from Prison Guard to Pastor – April 24, 2016 - Tim Carter, author of "The Executioner's Redemption" started working at the Texas State Penitentiary to make money for college. He never realized that he was signing away his life, his heart and his very self as this temporary job became a lengthy career that influenced him to become a product of his environment of brutal violence and routine executions. In the midst of the darkness of prison life, the light of God's Word broke through the shell he had built around his heart. After his retirement from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice he entered Concordia Lutheran Seminary and is now an LCMS pastor, but his transformation from prison guard to pastor was a long, tumultuous journey. Join host Dave Schultz as we learn of God's grace shining brightly in Tim's walk through the valley of the shadow of death row.

  • Unloading Loaded Words – April 17, 2016 - No one wants to be part of a religion filled with old, hard, mean-sounding words like sin, hell, repent, submit, judgment, etc. The funny thing is that at the heart of each of these "loaded words" are some of the most beautiful, gracious, life-giving truths that words can convey. Unfortunately, these words have gotten so weighed down with social, cultural and doctrinal baggage that even practicing Christians are hard-pressed to embrace or explain them. By showing how and why these key faith terms have been misused, abused, and wholly misunderstood-both in the church and in the culture---we can "unload" them, revealing their original language and context, and re-introducing the great mercy, comfort and joy behind the teachings of Jesus. Join host John Cain as he speaks with Heather Davis and Leanne Luchinger, the authors of "Loaded Words".

  • How Jesus Transformed My Life to Conform to His – April 10, 2016 - Dana Bahn lives a modern-day resurrection story with many Biblical parallels. Her choices, which tore at the fabric of morality, left her condemned, alone and broken. Yet, she has a welcoming, forgiving, and healing God. It has not been easy, but through the powerful work of Jesus, she has been restored with confidence, guided to a loving husband, gifted with three beautiful daughters, learned the incredible forgiveness of God and given a platform to share her renewed life with many. Join Dana with host David Schultz to hear of her redemptive story.

  • Life Wins Freedom March – April 3, 2016 - Join Host David Schultz as he speaks with Juda Myers, Founder of Choices4Life. Choices4Life is the only organization specifically dedicated to meeting the needs of victims pregnant after rape and to restoring honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception. The first abortion law was passed May 8, 1966, and fifty years later that anniversary will fall on Mother's Day, 2016. Mother's Day is a perfect time to call attention to the real war on women and children of rape conception. The May 6, 2016, Freedom March (#LIFEWINS) will be about honoring life without exceptions. People who are 100% life supporters will march around the capital of Mississippi where it all began. The prejudice must stop. Hoping the nation will join us!

  • The Easter Gospel – March 27, 2016 - The one gift you best not return . . . . Jesus' Easter return to life is good news for His followers. At the same time, Jesus' Easter return to life strikes fear into His enemies. The reasons are the same: Jesus is stronger than death and the devil! Please join our hosts, Pastors John Cain and David Schultz, as they talk about why Easter matters to everyone.

  • Connecting the Community – March 20, 2016 - What would it look like if churches became the center of the community again? For a number of years, author and consultant Leann Luchinger was the Communications Director for a multinational corporation. Using this experience, she has now developed practical approaches for reconnecting with your neighbors and forming Christian communities. Jesus is already at work in our neighborhoods and He's invited us to join him on His mission. Listen in as host John Cain and Leann discuss this "Ministry of Presence.”

  • Lutheran World Relief – March 13, 2016 - Join our host David Schultz as he speaks with Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard (Rt.), Lutheran World Relief's President and CEO. A former U.S. Ambassador to Greece and Belarus, Speckhard has had a long and distinguished career in government and the private sector. During his travels throughout his career, he got a close up view of the suffering that poverty causes around the world. Empowered by God's unconditional love in Jesus Christ, Lutheran World Relief envisions a world in which each person, every community and all generations live in justice, dignity and peace. This vision certainly endeavors to end poverty and suffering in the remote areas that LWR serves. Join us as we learn more about LWR's disaster response, "Quilts and Kits" and sustainable development, which helps people end hunger and poverty for generations to come.

  • Loving the One – March 6, 2016 - LoveOne is an outreach and missions organization that has a heart to reach the least, the lost, and the forgotten throughout the world. We know that problems are everywhere. LoveOne endeavors to provide the only solution that brings transformation: Jesus. LoveOne knows that it is about Loving the One. Faith is at the core of humanity. We are creatures that were created for more than what society says is success. When people begin to walk in faith, their lives change. When people put their faith in things that aren't the One, they are lost. Join Host Pastor Dave Schultz as he speaks with Sean Rose of the efforts of LoveOne to reach out to the least, the lost and the forgotten of the world.

  • Addiction 101 – February 28, 2016 - Addiction is a brain disorder and not simply a behavior problem involving alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex, experts contend in a new definition of addiction. The American Society of Addiction Medicine just released this new definition of addiction after a four-year process involving more than 80 experts. "At its core, addiction isn't just a social problem or a moral problem or a criminal problem. It's a brain problem whose behaviors manifest in all these other areas. Many behaviors driven by addiction are real problems and sometimes criminal acts. But the disease is about brains, not drugs. It's about underlying neurology, not outward actions." Join host John Cain as he speaks with Rebecca Akers, Director of Spirit of Life Biblical Counselors, about finding hope from addiction by means of Biblical truths and God's healing counsel.

  • Religion in Prisons – February 21, 2016 - Dr. Byron Johnson, Director of Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University and author of "More God Less Crime", will share his thoughts and findings regarding the effects of positive criminology. Positive criminology suggests restorative approaches - including those that foster social connectedness and support, service to others, spiritual experience, personal integrity, and identity change among the incarcerated. These approaches seek to develop active responsibility on the part of individuals who have been living a lifestyle of irresponsibility. From this perspective, correctional practices should be designed to promote virtue. Although examples of positive criminology are rare in our current system, one solid example has been provided by a program at Angola, the largest maximum security prison in the U.S. Join hosts Dave Schultz and John Cain as we learn more about this inspiring, faith-based approach to rehabilitating prisoners.

  • Have the 'Golden' Years Become Tarnished Gold? – February 14, 2016 - In a study coming out of Florida, it was stated that among our nation's senior population, only about 5% of those above 80 years of age are living in retirement facilities. The rest still live in their homes. Is that not a tribute to the medical community and good health programs? But who cares for the 5%? Doctors, RN's and caregivers who love the seniors as God's Word speaks about them. Proverbs 16:21 states, "The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness", and 20:29 states, "the beauty of old men is their gray head." Join guest Barb Peterson, RN, as we discuss caring for seniors. Hear her untangle the issue that is often stated, "I am old and no one listens to me anymore", and "What can I still offer?" She knows that the wise counsel of a senior is precious, and being available to be used by God in the golden years can well be the "icing on the cake". Host for the program will be Pastor Dave Schultz.

  • Living Through the Crisis of Ferguson, MO – February 7, 2015 - How do you live through a crisis like the people of Ferguson, MO, were forced to do in 2015? Strap a gun to your side and sleep with one eye open? Interim Police Chief Andre Anderson did something different. As community tensions ran high, he provided leadership by role modeling a combination of biblical values and principles of law enforcement. Laws and rules of order are incredibly important to follow, but the path to an emotional change can only be accomplished "when Christ is in someone's heart." Join former pastor Harold Hendrick of Bott Radio, St. Louis, as he discusses communicating "hope in hopeless situations". Dave Schultz hosts.

  • Kingdom Racing – January 31, 2016 - In 2008, Kingdom Racing made history as the first faith-vision team to ever compete in an Indianapolis 500 mile race. To date, Kingdom Racing has eight years of race performance and plans to compete in the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 later this year. Kingdom Racing has a unique mission: To Deliver God's Word through Motorsports. Kingdom Racing does this by inviting families and individuals who have experienced brokenness in their lives to the races for an unforgettable VIP race experience. In addition, the ministry spreads God's Word at the track to race fans and spectators through Christian music and conversations about God. Join host John Cain as he speaks with George del Canto of Kingdom Racing about their goal to reach 1,000,000 men and women for Jesus Christ using IndyCar races as their platform.

  • Gearheads for God? – January 24, 2016 - What is a Gearhead for God? That is a good question. While some organizations are very defined and rigid, the Gearheads for God are definitely not! How often do we allow ourselves to be limited by how others define us? Often Christians let themselves be constrained by church stereotypes and not what Jesus created us to be. What happens then? Often it's frustration. The guys who make up the Gearheads for God are still asking "What is God expecting of us?" The indirect answer always is whatever helps lead others to Jesus. Join guests Pat Henney and Ken McKully with hosts John Cain and David Schultz to hear a good case study in how to bring together a fledgling, Christ-centered group of reluctant evangelists.

  • The Pro-Life Never-Ending Up Hill Battle – January 17, 2016 - Part A | Part B - Forty-three years and counting! Abortion has become ordinary in American society. Those who call for an end to the killing are perceived as radicals who seek to overturn a normal part of our culture. The marginalization of the pro-life cause confronts us with an unprecedented challenge. Where do we go from here? Please join us for an inspirational and welcome conversation with Dr. Lawrence White, Sr. Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, on this "Sanctity of Life" Sunday with Pastors John Cain and Dave Schultz as hosts. Tell your friends to join us as well.

  • Lutherans For Life - Y4Life – January 10, 2016 - In 2016, we find ourselves part of a culture that seems to value life less and less, based on personal preferences and increasingly arbitrary standards, rather than on its inherent, God-given worth. This is the culture that our youth are growing up in and this is the kind of worldview that they are facing in school, with their peers, and in their communities. Many students hesitate to speak up about their views on life---fearing they will come across as judgmental or "hateful." They see their friends in need and don't know what to say. Y4Life, the youth and young adult program at Lutherans For Life, equips students to share the Gospel through life issues. It helps them answer questions they have about life and gives them opportunity to share what they have learned, giving them a voice in the culture around them. Laura Davis, Director of Y4Life, along with host John Cain will encourage listeners to speak for life, motivated by the Gospel.

  • Giving It All to Jesus in 2016 –January 03, 2016 - Many people treat their lives like old cars. They throw paint over the rust and act like it was never there. The outside looks OK, but the inside is a mess. Time usually tells the real story as the rust eventually shows its damage. Total restoration is needed due to neglect. As we treat rust, let's get rid of all the damaging stuff that happened in 2015 and refuse to carry the junk forward into 2016. We can enter the new year with a frame up restoration by dropping that bag of rusted junk at the Jesus shop. No rust of the past and a total restored outlook for the new year. That is why we celebrate Christmas, the birth of the Restorer, Christ. Join host David Schultz as he speaks with Sam Pearson of Just Man Ministry about giving it all to Jesus in 2016.

  • God Was a Genius in the Way He Made Me – December 27, 2015 - Melissa Hood, author of "Memoirs of an ADHD Mind" speaks of the wild roller coaster ride of what it is like for those who struggle with ADD/ADHD. Having lost 40 jobs in 15 years (due to the ADHD condition) Melissa's journey has been one of heartbreaking determination, endurance and resilience. She wants to prove to others like herself that they too can do anything if they have the right coping tools. Her faith has propelled her to defy scientific odds and why she hopes to educate society about the misinformed stigmas they have about the condition. John Cain hosts.

  • You Can't Have Me – December 20, 2015 - Join us as we speak with Victoria Hart Torres, author of the book "You Can't Have Me". Victoria shares her story of molestation, intimidation and physical violence at the hands of her father. Victoria, by God's grace, took the pain and hate growing inside her and gave it to her Heavenly Father, who healed her by giving her a forgiving heart and setting her free. Victoria now takes her life story not as something to be ashamed of, but as a gift from God that she can passionately share with others hurting from the same traumas. David Schultz hosts.

  • Man Turned in on Himself – December 13, 2015 - People recognize that we are living in times where anxiety, depression, addiction, escapism, isolation and loneliness are rampant. What they don't understand is how these are symptoms of a culture that has cut God out of the picture. We live in a world that no longer recognizes sin as the central flaw in the human condition. Without that understanding, the promises of the church have no meaning because people have no idea what they're being forgiven for or saved from. Join host David Schultz as he speaks with Heather Davis, author of the book "Man Turned in on Himself", about the nature of sin in our 21st century culture-particularly to young people.

  • Communication, Cooperation & Coordination in Ministry – December 6, 2015 - The economic downturn in Michigan in the mid-late 2000's was a huge "hit" to the state. But, as usual, and as promised, God takes all things and makes them work together for good. Although the state and the churches are still recovering from the "recession", this period of recovery has also allowed a time of discovery and realignment in how mission and ministry is being accomplished within the LCMS Michigan District. The district has outstanding Congregation Mission and Ministry Facilitators who are now working in geographic zones helping area congregations to look at harmonious and perhaps shared mission and ministry opportunities that they might accomplish together. Join host John Cain as he speaks with Michigan District President David Maier about making communication, cooperation, and coordination the hallmarks of God's people in mission and ministry.

  • God, Football, and Our Call into Ministry – November 29, 2015 - Jimmy Herndon, the football star from Baytown, TX, was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 1996 NFL draft after playing at the University of Houston. Jimmy is now the Small Groups Pastor at Second Baptist Church in Baytown. All through this time, Jesus Christ was working in his life and challenging him to help others know Christ. Even before small group ministry was called small group ministry, Jimmy and his wife were buying couches for their home so 300 pound football players would be comfortable. Join Host Brian Runge and Jimmy as they talk about God, football and how God calls us into ministry. Any one of us today can use social media or our resources to share the Gospel with our favorite athletes! Let's take the challenge with Jimmy to use our couches and homes to help people come to know Jesus Christ.

  • Providing Relief Off the Field – November 22, 2015 - Scott Linebrink is best known for the relief he provided to starting pitchers in his 11 seasons in the Majors. He was a right-handed safety blanket who bridged the gap between the starting pitcher and the closer. So it's no big surprise to learn that he's now leading a relief mission off the field. Through his position with Water Mission International, Scott is now organizing relief efforts in Honduras and a refugee camp for 150,000 Burundi natives. Water Missions International doesn't just dig wells or filter existing sources; the organization builds water systems so robust that they're actually more like municipal infrastructure. WMI has provided 1,100 water systems since 2001. Join Host John Cain as he speaks with Scott, a World Class Reliever.

  • From Texas to Alaska – November 22, 2015 - Rev. Keith Aschenbeck is a missionary for Alaska Mission for Christ. The purpose of this ministry outreach is to facilitate a bold witness to Jesus Christ in every community in Alaska. Keith moved his family from Giddings, TX, to the Upper Tanana Valley surrounding the town of Tok, Alaska, last winter. He had been the Sr. Pastor of Immanuel-Giddings when God laid this missionary endeavor on his heart. Keith will talk about this ministry outreach to a largely Native American population with Host John Cain.

  • Touching the Lives of the Incarcerated - November 15, 2015 - Join our guest Mike Barber, former tight end for the Houston Oilers, who played ten incredible years of professional football. Mike now directs Mike Barber Ministries, touching the lives of both men and women incarcerated in Texas jails and prisons. The cycle of prison incarceration needs to be broken if we are going to see any type of positive change in our neighborhood, city, state, and nation. Inner city residents are caught in a web of hopelessness and too often turn to criminal activity. Eventually they are arrested and taken to county jail where they await trial. From there they either go to prison or back on the streets to break the law again. How can this problem be fixed? Join Mike and host David Schultz as they explore "intervention" possibilities and how new thinking can provide opportunity for hope and a new life.

  • The Big Leagues and Life in Christ – November 8, 2015 - Professional baseball player Scott Linebrink started as a walk-on for tryouts at Concordia University of Texas. Later he transferred to Southwest Texas State, and ultimately played professionally, pitching 12 seasons in the major leagues. Describing himself as "a small kid" and a "late bloomer," he marvels at what God has done in his life. Baseball went from being his "idol," to a platform God gave him to live life in true peace and contentment. Join host John Cain as he talks with Scott Linebrink about the big leagues and life in Christ.

  • Helping Inmates Become Godly Fathers – November 1, 2015 - This week on Engaging Truth, Tracy Baskin, former 1988 Olympic Team Member, now of King's Pavilion Ministries, will share his calling with Host David Schultz. Tracy chairs the Planning Committee of the "Day with Dad Camp", an offshoot of the Malachi Dads program. Malachi Dads is a weekly Study Group at Darrington Penitentiary, Rosharon, TX, for inmate fathers that meets for 2 hours a week for one year. The goal is to teach inmates how to grow into godly fathers, to equip them to spiritually train their children regardless of their circumstances, and to intentionally build a legacy of faith, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Hear from Tracy how the program also gives the inmates a new identity and a new heart change.

  • Being 1 in the 21 – October 25, 2015 - What does being a Christian in the 21st century look like? Are Christians in this century living in F.E.A.R.? How can we stop? What would the call then to R.E.F.O.R.M. look like for us today? Are churches upholding Christ as the focus? Join Host John Cain as he speaks with Sr. Pastor Chris Singer of Trinity-Klein Lutheran Church to understand mission and ministry in the culture and time of the 21st century.

  • Freedom March – October 11, 2015 - This week, Host David Schultz will speak with Juda Myers, Founder of Choices4Life. Choices4Life is dedicated to restoring honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception. Mothers and children of rape conception are raising their voices to be heard. The first abortion law was passed May 8, 1966, and fifty years later that anniversary will fall on Mother's Day, 2016. A jubilee year of restoration and Mother's Day is a perfect time to call attention to the real war on women and children of rape conception. The May 6, 2016, Freedom March (#LIFEWINS) will be about honoring life without exceptions. Mothers will be honored for saving the lives of their babies. And people who are 100% life supporters will march around the capital of Mississippi where it all began. The prejudice must stop. Hoping the nation will join us! Choices4life.org

  • Who Do You Trust? – October 4, 2015 - So who do you trust these days? Friends, clergy, corporations, church, spouses, family, Jesus? The Ashley Madison website offers the following advice: "Life is Short. Have an Affair". Over 41 million people, apparently, have signed up. Some clergy have even been implicated as people who have signed up at this site. What is going on with all this? The scores of people who are discovered having a private life that is very different than their public presentation of themselves raises considerable concern. Does everyone cheat? Does everyone have a private life that is different from their public persona? Who can we trust? Can we even trust ourselves? Join host John Cain as he speaks with Dr. Bruce M. Hartung, Professor Emeritus, Practical Theology, Concordia Seminary, on what the church and Jesus have to say about having authentic relationships.

  • One Message, Jesus Christ, and One Plan, Go And Tell - September 27, 2015 - Join Host Dave Schultz as he unpacks and explores this topic.

  • Understanding Rural/Small Town Ministries – September 20, 2015 - It is commonly known that Texas has some of the most massive urban centers in the country with Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. But Texas also has more rural area than any other state in the lower 48. The Texas Department of Agriculture says the state has 247,500 farms and ranches totaling 130.4 million acres. We are an urban state to be sure, but we are also an agrarian state and culture. The number of people living in rural areas in 1970 was 53.6 million. In 2010 that number was 59.5 million. There has been a gain of almost 6 million people who live in rural and small town America. The proclamation of the Gospel is still called for as people who are populating these places are isolating themselves from the urban norms. Spend some time with guest Rev. Steve Misch, Mission & Ministry Facilitator, Texas District, LCMS, becoming acquainted with the common denominators between urban and rural ministries and the unique features of the rural/small town ministry. John Cain hosts.

  • Home, Home on the Range – September 13, 2015 - Pastor Dale Snyder, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Wichita Falls, joins our host, David Schultz, on "Engaging Truth" this week. Pastor Snyder also serves as Vice President of Area A of the Texas District. Area A, which stretches from just west of Ft. Worth all the way to El Paso, and from the Panhandle to Big Bend, is perhaps best known for pump jacks, prairie dogs and prickly pear cactus. But this vast area, which makes up almost 50% of the land area in Texas, is also home to many unique ministries, and the churches and individual Christians in west Texas are meeting the challenges found in this corner of God's kingdom as they reach out with the love of Christ.

  • Reaching Out With the Gospel of Christ - September 6, 2015 - Pastor Mark Barz, Crown of Life Lutheran Church, San Antonio, joins our host, John Cain, on Engaging Truth this week. Pastor Barz also serves as 3rd Vice President of the Texas District serving Area C. Area C is the portion of Texas that extends from Austin, through San Antonio, all the way to the Rio Grande Valley. This area of the state is home to many immigrants, past and present. Hear how the churches in this area are sharing the message of independence and freedom found in Christ with these immigrants, and how many are finding a home within the church around the throne of the Lamb.

  • iNeighborhood of the Southeastern District-LCMS - August 30, 2015 - Join our host, David Schultz, in Engaging Truth's continuing series of interviewing the district presidents of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. This week our guest will be President John Denninger of the Southeastern District. The district's 212 churches and 90 schools are located in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North and South Carolina. The SED office is located in Alexandria VA. Within the borders of the district live 32,225,000 people - more than 10% of the US population. If the 67,000 baptized members in these congregations will equip and deploy for ministry in their neighborhoods, the district believes it will have the greatest opportunity of reaching 32 million people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason iNeighborhood was created. Learn how through this education and training program, the Southeastern District hopes to have a presence in 500 more neighborhoods and raise up 6,000 lay people by 2021. In working together to connect others with Jesus, lives are transformed and God's kingdom grows.

  • Building the Kingdom - Locally and Globally – August 23, 2015 - Join us this week on Engaging Truth as host John Cain speaks with Rev. Jon Braunersreuther, Texas District Mission and Ministry Facilitator for the Houston area. There is an incredible and exciting movement in the body of Christ these days. God is using His church to move dramatically into the world with the heart of Jesus to "seek and save those who are lost." God's people are connecting and working together in order to reach out to the millions of people who do not know Jesus to be the Savior of all. Rev. Braunersreuther will update us of the efforts of the Texas District-LCMS to strengthen congregations to reach the lost, disciple the saved and care for people - locally and globally.

  • Learning to Witness – August 16, 2015 - Kay L. Meyer is the founder and president of Family Shield Ministries and host of "Family Shield", its weekly radio program heard on 52 stations in 27 states. The mission of the ministry is to educate and equip people to know Christ, grow in His Word, and strengthen individuals and their families for Christ. Kay is a popular speaker and author on family life, prayer, spiritual nurture, apologetics, and learning to witness. Kay has over thirty-five years of evangelism experience and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Missouri District LCMS Board of Directors. Join our host David Schultz as he speaks with Kay on how Christians can learn to witness in their daily life and share the Gospel message with others.

  • Dignity and Value for All Life – August 9, 2015 - Bethesda Lutheran Communities is a national support provider that unites people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities with essential resources to help them live their lives to the fullest. Our guest this week on Engaging Truth is Rev. Jim Pressnell, Vice President of Religious Life and Church Relations for Bethesda. Jim leads the organization in its efforts to build inclusive faith communities that support people of all abilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ. Join host John Cain and Rev. Pressnell as we learn how God transforms what society considers "useless" into someone wonderfully useful and inspiring.

  • The Cultural Shifts of Recent Times and the Effects on the Church – August 2, 2015 - Our guest this week on Engaging Truth is Ralph Hobratschk, Sr. Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church, Friendswood, TX. Pastor Hobratschk also serves as LCMS Texas District 1st Vice-President. Host David Schultz will speak with Pastor Hobratschk and get his unique and knowledgeable views on the health of the church in the 21st century. How do we measure the health of our congregations? Do smaller congregations matter? What do recent cultural shifts mean for the future of the church? Join us for this timely and insightful conversation.

  • Montana District of the LCMS - July 26, 2015 - God gave Montana a Big Sky and a few Lutherans. The congregations are small and far apart. The Pastors of the district cover a lot of territory. But the Gospel is bigger than the state and His people are intent on sharing the Good News. The Montana District serves 68 congregations, 18 preschools and 7 elementary schools. Host John Cain will speak with Terry Forke, President of the Montana District, about the work God is doing in the Big Sky District of Montana.

  • LINC Expanding - July 19, 2015 - LINC Houston recruits, trains and networks new missionary leaders and pastors to reach the most unreached communities of Houston. Since it's inception, LINC has expanded to 10 cities in the USA, and is currently beginning new work in the San Francisco Bay Area and Milwaukee, WI. LINC Executive Director, Mark Junkans, will share stories of faith and transformation from the mission field of the city, and hopes to inspire all Christians to live out their calling to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. Rev. David Schultz hosts.

  • The Mid-South District of the LCMS - July 12, 2015 - Join us in our continuing series of highlighting the districts of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Our guest this week will be Rev. Dr. Roger Paavola, President of the Mid-South District. The Mid-South District comprises Arkansas, Tennessee and the southern counties of Kentucky. As an alliance of congregations and schools, this district provides leadership, resources, and encouragement for reaching the lost for Christ's kingdom and equipping the found for service in churches, communities, and in the world. The district's recent Tanzania mission trip reflects this dedication. The district has also adopted several resolutions to encourage young men to pursue church work. John Cain will host this informative interview.

  • Making God's Word Accessible to All - July 5, 2015 - The vision of Lutheran Bible Translators is God's Word for all languages. Lutheran Bible Translators reach out to the most marginalized people of the world - those who do not have access to understanding God's message to us in Scripture. Join Dr. Mike Rodewald, Executive Director of LBT, and host John Cain as they discuss the arduous task of translating Scripture that makes God's Word accessible to those who do not yet have it in their native language.

  • How to Love Fearlessly - Even When We Disagree - June 28, 2015 - In an age when we are as connected as we are contentious, an astounding number of religious, cultural, and political polarities do more to divide us than unite us. In fact, Christians are getting the reputation of being "against" just about everything. But is this the best way to bear witness to the love of God before an unbelieving world? Or does it simply serve to push others further and further away from the life-giving power of Jesus? Perhaps it is time to trade condemnation for compassion. Join our host David Schultz as he speaks with Andy Braner, author of No Fear in Love, as he challenges us to love others the way God loves us--unconditionally, brokenness and all--and to trust that God is truly in control.

  • Ambassadors of the Gospel-New England District-LCMS - June 21, 2015 - The mission of the New England District-LCMS is to encourage and assist its congregations in their ministry of Word and Sacrament to build up the body of Christ and to make disciples of all peoples. This district seeks to faithfully serve as Ambassadors of the Gospel to the people of New England, the United States, and the world. One such initiative to accomplish this goal is to engage pastors and congregations to adjust their ministries in order to focus more intentionally on reaching out into their communities to bring the un-churched into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Join host John Cain and District President Timothy Yeadon to learn more about the Gospel calling of this district.

  • Making the Great Commission Real in the Pacific Southwest District - June 14, 2015 - Rev. Dr. Larry Stoterau, President of the Pacific Southwest District, LCMS, will be with host David Schultz this week on Engaging Truth. This district is comprised of 310 congregations and 175 schools scattered across Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada with over 80 of the congregations worshipping in a non-English language. Immigrants from the Global South and Asia, many of whom bring their Christian faith to their new home, are celebrated and welcomed. The mission of the Pacific Southwest District is to effectively resource leaders, congregations and schools for transforming lives and making the Great Commission REAL! The district shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ by making the Word of God personally relevant and building relationships founded on love, care and forgiveness.

  • Jesus Transforms & Prepares Prisoners for Ministry – June 7, 2015 - What 33 men think about when their name is called and a graduation certificate is offered, is one thing. But when 33 men, many incarcerated for life, receive their Bachelor's Certificate for service to Jesus, that is altogether different. It means that they have completed the courses necessary to mentor/teach and proclaim the majesty of God incarnate in Jesus Christ to other prisoners in Texas prisons. It means that their leaders trust them to help bring the transforming power of Jesus' love and forgiveness into the lives of others. Seeing this brings tears of joy to their professors and peers. Join Ben Phillips, Director of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's undergraduate program at the Darrington Unit, and host Dave Schultz as they discuss and joy over what God has done in the hearts of His children, those experiencing a new "true" freedom in Christ that He alone provides.

  • Meet Rev. Dan P. Gilbert, President of the Northern Illinois District, LCMS - May 31, 2015 - The Northern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is comprised of 220-plus congregations, spanning the 24 counties in the northern one-third of Illinois. This district of believers in Jesus, commit themselves to work together, as the Holy Spirit leads, to establish new starts in and through congregations, which by God's grace result in new believers. President Dan P. Gilbert leads the district with a strategy of New Starts...New Believers. "While always acknowledging that it is God who makes new believers through the work of the Holy Spirit in Word and Sacraments, He has chosen to use us in this process. What a privilege!" Join President Gilbert as he speaks with Host John Cain on the Northern Illinois District's pursuit of new believers.

  • Recovering the Movement of the Gospel in the U.S. - May 24, 2015 - Statistics show that the organized church in the United States is losing steam with the new generation. What will happen to the church in the future? Is there a reason for hope? Join our guest, Rev. Michael Newman, Texas District Missions, as he discusses with host John Cain, the DNA of Gospel movements and the surprising key to reaching new generations with the Gospel. Could the answer be as simple as God's grace?

  • How Do You Make a Disciple? - May 17, 2015 - In the Great Commission, Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations. In many parts of the world disciple making is exploding. But not in North America.  As the old saying goes, "We are perfectly calibrated for the results we are currently getting."  What are we doing in North America that is causing contraction while much of the rest of the world is seeing the rapid expansion of Christianity? Could it be our understanding or misunderstanding of what discipling is? Join Host John Cain as he explores with Greg Finke, Executive Director of Dwelling 1:14, three simple but important questions: What is a disciple? What does a disciple do? And how do you make a disciple? The way we answer these questions will lead us to either maintain status quo or begin to see the unleashing of the Church in North America. www.dwelling114.org

  • From the Land of Basketball, Corn And - May 10, 2015 - Rev. Daniel P. May, President of the Indiana District of the LCMS, will be the guest this week on Engaging Truth. The difficulties of ministry in Indiana, and other places across America, can only be overcome when our God "commands the light to shine out of darkness" to illumine hearts and lives darkened by sin. That light is the message of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. Rev. May will share with his audience how that precious light of grace, mercy and forgiveness continues to shine in the most unlikely places and how that light penetrates even fearful, despondent and anxious lives. Join Rev. May and host Dave Schultz as they explore mission and ministry in Indiana, the aging population of our church, and the need to raise up more young men to consider seminary education and training to become spiritual leaders in the world.

  • Enlisting Men to Combat Human Trafficking - May 03, 2015 - Join our Host, David Schultz, as he speaks with Ameer Omar from Elijah Rising, the non-profit group committed to ending human trafficking in the city of Houston. Ameer has a message from his heart for men to hear, especially since human trafficking is aimed at getting men's attention and their dollars. What must men know about themselves and this industry to be able to walk away from it? The discussion will center on how men can become part of the solution and grow into the disciples God intended them to be.

  • Easter Paradoxes - April 26, 2015 - Life from death? God cannot die or sin, yet "He made Him who knew no sin to be sin" (2 Cor. 5:21) so that Jesus' death on the cross would be your gateway to eternal life and forgiveness. Jesus is both fully human and fully divine. These seemingly opposite but true items are known as paradoxes. At Easter, God's action to save us resulted in a number of paradoxes that cause us to marvel. Join David Schultz and John Cain for this lively discussion.

  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray - April 19, 2015 - The first and most critical component to kingdom building in the church militant is prayer. The disciples looked at Jesus after years of talking, after years of Jesus' modeling, after years of His miraculous events and requested, "Lord, teach us to pray." The role of prayer in the church is critical. The growth of the kingdom is a supernatural event calling for a supernatural turn of heart toward Jesus. The disciples recognized this reality and finally requested of Jesus, "Lord, teach us to pray." Is that our request? Join our guest Rev. Steven J. Misch, Texas District, LCMS, MMF, Area A, as he and host David Schultz discuss our prayer relationship with the Father.

  • Upbring - The New Lutheran Social Services of the South - April 12, 2015 - Dr. Kurt Senske, President and CEO of Upbring, the new Lutheran Social Services of the South, is our guest this week on Engaging Truth. LSS is a 134 year-old nonprofit organization with a rich legacy of serving vulnerable children, families and communities throughout Texas through a strong network of programs and services. On April 2, LSS unveiled a bold new identity that reflects their faith-driven mission, stretches them in new ways and inspires partners to join. The result of a yearlong process, the brand modernization marks a key milestone in the agency's new business model and strategic plan. Join our hosts David Schultz and John Cain as we learn more about Upbring, the new LSS.

  • Equipping the World Church - April 5, 2015 - Christians around the globe need access to the Bible. Serious students of the Bible, however, may need more resources than just a translation into their own language. People travel from around the world to use the extensive library at Tyndale House, Cambridge, England, to study God's word in its original languages. Recently, ten church leaders traveled from Cuba to England to study Hebrew Old Testament manuscripts. Tyndale House is more than a research library, it is also a training facility and software source for readers and scholars alike (http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/). Join guests Dr. Peter Williams, Warden of Tyndale House, and Phillip Evans, Executive Director of the American Friends of Tyndale House, as they talk about their organization's mission of advancing understanding of the Bible with host John Cain.

  • Meet Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy, President of the Minnesota South District, LCMS - March 29, 2015 - Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy, President of the Minnesota South District of the LCMS is our guest this week on Engaging Truth. President Nadasdy is a former homiletics professor at Concordia Seminary St. Louis and has served as Third Vice President of the LCMS. The Minnesota South District takes in the Twin Cities and the southern third of the state of Minnesota. The district has the largest Hmong population in the U.S. as well as an increasing population of African immigrants. This growing ministry seeks unity around God's mission and endeavors "to develop leaders intentionally engaged in the mission of God". Join our Host David Schultz as we meet President Nadasdy.

  • Meet Rev. Paul Linnemann, President of the Northwest District, LCMS - March 22, 2015 - Our LCMS District President series continues this week with our guest Rev. Paul Linnemann of the Northwest District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. President Linnemann will discuss the unique ministry environment in the Pacific Northwest and the District's work among God's people, in particular, developing spiritual leaders. The Northwest District embraces the words of John 3:17 - For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him. Our host will be John Cain.

  • Meet Rev. Keith Kohlmeier, President of the Kansas District, LCMS - March 15, 2015 - In our continuing series of introducing our listeners to the District Presidents of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, our host, David Schultz, will be speaking with Kansas District President, Rev. Keith Kohlmeier. Rev. Kohlmeier served as a parish pastor for over 25 years in Iowa and Kansas, and for the last 12 years as President of the District. What are the primary mission opportunities in the Kansas District? What does the future seem to be for the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod? And what must the Synod do to secure and train young men for the ministry? Learn how the Kansas District equips, encourages and empowers each congregation in its mission vision and Christ-care ministry.

  • The Prisoners' Heart for God's Word - March 08, 2015 - In the past, you've had the opportunity to hear from the Seniors of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Darrington program. These men are the trailblazers, and will be the very first class to graduate and deploy to Texas prisons as Field Ministers. But they are only the first wave in what will be a tidal wave of Bible-trained ministers living among prisoners in Texas. There is a class of Juniors coming behind like a powerful running-back advancing the ball through the hole in the defensive line made by a fullback. Join our hosts, David Schultz and John Cain, as we hear from three of those juniors. Their drive and determination will impress you, their heart for God's Word and His grace will inspire you.

  • Inspire Women Ministry & Conference - March 08, 2015 - In anticipation of the Inspire Women's 15th Annual Conference, founder Anita Carman will speak with host John Cain on the trauma and challenges that led her to start the Inspire Women ministry, and the motivation that stifles the pains of her past as she takes up the cross God asked her to carry.  As Anita says, "Imagine a world where every woman wakes up knowing her purpose. More than that, she has a friend who believes in her and will invest in her potential. I commit my life to building a lasting ministry where any woman can be educated to know God's purpose and find empowerment to live it to her fullest." The Inspire Women's Conference, "Created to Worship", will be Friday, March 27, at First Methodist Church, 10570 Westpark Dr., from 6:30 - 10 pm.  Speakers are Anita Carman, Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis Chapman and Chrystal Evans Hurst, daughter of Dr. Tony Evans. To receive a free ticket to the conference, call 713-521-3424 or register on line at www.inspirewomen.org, promo code "Engaging Truth".

  • Meet Rev. Greg Walton, President of the Florida/Georgia District, LCMS - March 01, 2015 - Rev. Greg Walton, President of the Florida/Georgia District, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, joins our host, David Schultz, on "Engaging Truth". What mission opportunities are foremost in his mind for the Florida/Georgia District? What does the future hold for the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod? And how do we engage and prepare young men for the ministry? Learn how this district serves, assists, and encourages congregations in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

  • The Transforming Grace of God - February 22, 2015 - Join our hosts David Schultz and John Cain as they welcome back Dr. Ben Phillips, Director of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's undergraduate program at the Darrington Unit, a maximum-security prison near Houston, TX. Dr. Phillips will share the exciting things he has seen God do along with the 187 students who are preparing to be field ministers in Texas prisons. Paul's testimony to Timothy certainly rings true here, "I received mercy for this reason, so that in me, the worst of [sinners], Christ Jesus might demonstrate His extraordinary patience as an example to those who would believe in Him for eternal life." (1 Tim 1:16). You will be encouraged and inspired as you hear how God is transforming the students and through their ministry of His Word, the Darrington Unit.

  • Prisoners for Christ - February 8, 2015 - In this broadcast you have the opportunity to hear from 3 of the last people you would have ever expected that God would, or even could, use. They don't occupy the commanding heights of business, government, or culture. These men wouldn't be called famous, though infamous might capture it in the communities from which they came. They are prisoners in the Darrington Unit, a maximum security prison in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. They are three among the more than 155,000 adults incarcerated in one of the largest prison systems in the world. But more than prisoners, they are three who have found the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. They are three among 186 students in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Darrington Extension, a privately-funded undergraduate program offering a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. These men are pursuing more than an education, more than a diploma. They are men who have heard God's call for those who will take the life-transforming Word of God to those who most desperately need it. In May 2015 they will begin their service as Field Ministers to the worst of the worst of Texas. Join us and be encouraged as our hosts David Schultz and John Cain bring you the voices and hearts of these prisoners for Christ.

  • Nurturing the Hearts of Children - February 1, 2015 - Chances are, you've never heard her name before. Yet Sally Lloyd-Jones is one of the most successful Christian authors of our time. Her "Jesus Storybook Bible" recently passed one million copies sold and her book "Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing" is considered an instant classic. Sally sits down with Engaging Truth, and Pastor Matt Popovits, to discuss her work and, in particular, how parents and grandparents-how anyone-can nurture the hearts of children and creatively communicate the incredible story of God's love.

  • Challenging Questions for President Ken Hennings - January 25, 2015 - Ken Hennings, President of the Texas District, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, will be the first of 35 district presidents to be our guest on "Engaging Truth". Considering the entrance in 10 years of a million more children from other places in the world to Texas, of what significance is this in our missional activity for the future? The three questions we will address to President Hennings are the following: 1) What mission opportunities must we consider due to the expanding population of Texas? 2) In light of the aging population in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, what does the future look like for the church in the next 15-20 years? 3) The seminary classes that prepare young men for full-time ministry are very small. How must we work to provide the church with pastors for the future? Join our guest and host Dave Schultz for a lively discussion on these questions.

  • Is it too Late to Stop Abortion? Where Do We Go From Here? - January 18, 2015 Part II - To commemorate Sanctity for Life Sunday, our hosts, Pastors John Cain and David Schultz will be speaking with Pastor Larry White of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Houston, TX. Has abortion and the trivialization of human sexuality from which it comes become an irreversible part of American society? After 42 years, is it too late? At this point it would take a miracle and only Christ can work miracles! It has always been within the power of Christians to stop abortion. But we have chosen to allow the killing to continue. We have chosen not to be involved. We have chosen not to vote. We have chosen not to be faithful to Christ. That's why the blood of the innocents is on our hands. Join us as we contemplate the costs of our actions.

  • Is it too Late to Stop Abortion? How Did We Get Here? - January 18, 2015 Part I - To commemorate Sanctity for Life Sunday, our hosts, Pastors John Cain and David Schultz will be speaking with Pastor Larry White of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Houston, TX. Has abortion and the trivialization of human sexuality from which it comes become an irreversible part of American society? After 42 years, is it too late? At this point it would take a miracle and only Christ can work miracles! It has always been within the power of Christians to stop abortion. But we have chosen to allow the killing to continue. We have chosen not to be involved. We have chosen not to vote. We have chosen not to be faithful to Christ. That's why the blood of the innocents is on our hands. Join us as we contemplate the costs of our actions.

  • Epiphany - So Who is This Jesus, Really, and Why Should I Care? - January 11, 2015 - Just when everyone else is putting the Christmas lights away, God "lights up the world" with the identity of Jesus. What is Epiphany all about as a season of the church year? How does the word of Isaiah the prophet relate to our world today and to the person of Jesus the Messiah? Join our Host John Cain as he speaks with Andrew Bartelt, Theology Professor at Concordia Seminary, of how the holy history of Jesus fulfilled is really the history and story of all people, all nations, for all time.

  • Crossing the Threshold into 2015 - January 4, 2015 - What lies ahead for us in broadcast ministry, since nothing but God's Word is "constant" and change is imminent? Kind of a "moving target", wouldn't you agree? But since we have a message that never changes and a Savior who remains "constant" throughout eternity, we have nothing but to forge ahead to places we may never see, with a message that alone can transform lives. Who could have known what I'm about to share? In 2010, we had an interview with a man named Grove Norwood, who had just been appointed Executive Director of The Heart of Texas Foundation. This is what transpired following that interview. That single interview developed into a body of follow-up-interviews, a live remote broadcast fundraiser, a series of ongoing audio/video prison seminary interviews at the new Darrington Prison Seminary and at the Angola, Louisiana, Prison Seminary with both the Warden Burl Cain and Seminary President Dr. John Robson. Besides that, we assembled an Area "D" Texas District LCMS Prison and Jail Conference and have been working toward helping to facilitate LCMS church sponsored prison seminaries across America. These broadcasts and so many others, help ELM promote socially beneficial projects, which are quantifiable, and also illustrates the power of its programming and the impact it can have on communities. Join hosts John Cain and Dave Schultz as they explore the power of media, not only in America but in those countries where the Gospel is not being heard. Come join us in a great conversation with our guests.

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