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Evangelical Life Ministries (ELM) believes the Lutheran Church has a powerful soul saving and rescuing message, and the media marketplace should be used as a forum for bringing this message to others.  ELM is doing this now each Sunday night over station KKHT The Word, 100.7FM Houston from 7:00-8:00pm with the program entitled “Engaging Truth.”

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Recent Engaging Truth Broadcasts

  • Missionaries in America? – June 17, 2018 - Along with the general flow of immigrants, God is sending new missionaries to America. What is a missionary, and how are they different from pastors and teachers? What does the Bible say? Who are these new missionaries? What brought them here? Host John Cain speaks with Dr. Robert Scudieri, President of Mission Nation Publishing, about these and other fascinating questions regarding missionaries in America.

  • Translating the Message of the Church to a 21st-Century Audience – June 10, 2018 - While ninety-percent of people in the United States still believe in God, fewer than twenty-percent claim a strong connection with a church. Younger generations are expressing disillusionment with the organized church. Even within the Christian Church, a sense of helplessness in the face of a changing culture is creating frustration and fear. What is the pathway forward? You will be sure to hear some surprising answers as we join host Rev. John Cain and guest Rev. Michael Newman, Mission & Ministry Facilitator, LCMS-Texas District, as they discuss translating the message of the Church to a 21st-Century audience.

  • Serving on a Non-Profit Board – June 3, 2018 - Evangelical Life Ministries is the non-profit corporation of “Engaging Truth”, heard each Sunday night from 6:30-8 p.m. on KKHT 100.fm. The ELM board of directors provides counsel and direction to facilitate media outreach of the “Engaging Truth” programming. During this past year, Bobby Goerner was added to the board. Bobby’s past includes seminary training, Bible class teaching, and supporting outreach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. Host Dave Schultz welcomes Bobby in this lively discussion about the mission and ministry in his heart and life.

  • Heart of The LWML – May 27, 2018 - Jan Brunette, Vice President of Christian Life, Lutheran Women's Missionary League, Texas District, joins host Dave Schultz this week as we hear of her passion and desire to show others the true heart of the LWML. Her vision is to connect and encourage all LWML women throughout Texas to share their differing cultures and backgrounds so that they are enabled to receive and grant blessings through their shared love of Christ.

  • Church Extension Fund-Texas District LCMS – May 20, 2018 - God in His grace has called a gifted woman, Becca Jones, as the new CEO of the Church Extension Fund to lead the team of God’s stewards and to assist in outreach ministry in the Texas District. How does such a team determine the true worthiness of the ministry partners? And when the willing investors to the Church Extension Fund provide dollars to be used for outreach ministry, how is a fair return on their funds determined? What happens when a ministry does not perform to pre-determined expectations? And where is prayer in the process? Join Becca and host Dave Schultz as these and other intuitive questions will be answered.

  • Sharing the Gospel in Texas Prisons – May 13, 2018 - Join host Pastor Dave Schultz as we hear from Alvin, George and Michael, senior seminary students at the Darrington Maximum Security Penitentiary in Rosharon, TX. As George says, "Even in our situation, God hasn't given up on us." You will hear of their changed lives and of their faith in Christ Jesus as they study to become field ministers/evangelists, eventually sharing the Gospel to the 155,000 adults in Texas prisons.

  • Being in Leadership at Darrington Penitentiary Seminary – May 13, 2018 - Serving in leadership is not only stimulating but can be very trying at times. Dr. Ben Phillips, our guest this coming Sunday night, shares some inspiring, but also difficult times. Sharing the Gospel with “spiritually hungry” students can be exciting, but wondering, upon graduation, if they have all the necessary tools to serve as field ministers in other Texas maximum security penitentiaries is trying. Join Dr. Phillips and Pastor Dave Schultz in the lively discussion of the development of integrity among the students, tier walking (what it is) and his greatest joy in serving as Director of the Darrington Penitentiary Seminary.

  • Board Member and Businessman – May 6, 2018 - Guest Michael Steele, principal owner of IHS Insurance Group, is Evangelical Life Ministries’ newest board member. Often a business owner may need to look or lean on their religion to deal with the hurdles of their business. Join host David Schultz as we learn about Michael and how his faith has shaped his life and the impact it has on his business.

  • Understanding the Need for Prayer in Spiritual Warfare – April 29, 2018 - The Bible says: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour”. From this, we can see that Satan is always by our side trying every means possible to entice and tempt us, to make us fall into mischief and sin. Host David Schultz will speak with Pastor Tim Carter, about spiritual warfare and overcoming the temptations of Satan by coming before God to seek His will and to pray for His help.

  • The Meaning and Confidence Jesus’ Resurrection Provides – April 22, 2018 - We hear Him say out loud to us and for all to hear “IT IS FINISHED”. At that cross Jesus finished or accomplished what the Father had sent Him to do...to save us from our sin. Everyone who heard about it thought it was a lavish story made up like so many other “tall tales.” Is it just foolishness or does Jesus’ resurrection, indeed, give us new life and confidence? Be with us this week as Pastor Chris Singer, Trinity-Klein Lutheran Church, confirms the truth that if you want a hope that cannot be extinguished…then Christ Is Risen!

  • Witnessing the Hand of God in Penitentiary Seminary – April 15, 2018 - As the Southwestern Seminary at Darrington Penitentiary prepares for their fourth graduation this May, Grove Norwood, Founder and CEO of The Heart of Texas Foundation, visits with host Pastor Dave Schultz on the impact the seminary graduates, Field Ministers, are having in Texas prisons. Grove will also share updates regarding the Texas Women’s Prison Seminary in Marlin, TX, as well as the literacy program begun this past January at Darrington where Field Ministers are teaching illiterate and semi-literate inmates to read.

  • Walking Through Grief – April 8, 2018 - Going through times of grief are a 'given' in this world. Whether it's the loss of a parent, a sibling, a child, a spouse, or even a job...we will ALL grieve during our lives at one time or another. We will mourn the loss, but as Christians who believe what Jesus said, WE will be with HIM in heaven when we die. With heaven to look forward to, we can stay the course here in this broken world. Join host David Schultz and guest Brian Foutz, author of "From Misery to Ministry" to hear how David and his wife relied upon the promises of God when their only son died.

  • New Creation – April 1, 2018 - The resurrection of Jesus Christ is more than a subjective dream and surpasses a whimsical wish. Jesus' resurrection is the first evidence of more to come. His resurrected corpse is the first installment, the opening solo of the New Creation symphony. In Christ's death and resurrection, all is redeemed, and everything becomes perfect once more, according to God's original plan. Listen in as Pastor Al Doering offers this special Easter message.

  • Listening to Jesus – March 25, 2018 - One of the most difficult things for us humans to do, when in conversation, Is to LISTEN. Even to the point of cutting off conversation...to interrupt...when the person talking is not yet finished. Learning to listen is an art. It comes with endless practice. That's why one of the solid legs of Stephen Ministry is listening. That is why when Peter, James and John saw the dazzling countenance of Jesus in the Transfiguration, God the Father spoke from Heaven, "This is my beloved Son, LISTEN to Him." Join Pastor David Schultz as he explores what listening to Jesus means; listening to what He says about creation, forgiveness, repentance, grace, salvation, and eternal life.

  • He is Not Here, For He Has Risen – March 18, 2018- In just a short time we will re-tell the final week of Jesus' life, from his entry into Jerusalem to his triumphant exit out of the tomb. Much like the narrative of Christmas, we could probably sit around a campfire and recite the events of that Thursday and early Friday. His final words from the cross have been engrained into our memories, just as the statement of the angel on Sunday morning gives us great hope. Join us as our guest, Rev. Stephen DeMik, gives us new insight into the story we know so well and encourages us to share this good news.

  • Walking Dead or Living Alive – March 11, 2018 - Are you walking dead or living alive? The Bible states that when Jesus was raised from the dead that first Easter, many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were also raised. The reality of the resurrection changes everything and only God has the power of life and death. Join in as our guest, Pastor Jeff Doria, leads the discussion on the cornerstone of Christianity, forgiveness of sins, and life eternal.

  • Seeking God's Will – March 4, 2018 - Sometimes we pray, "Thy will be done," because we don't know what is best and we believe God knows what is good for us. Other times, we pray this prayer knowing God will be leading us on a difficult path. We are able to pray Jesus' Gethsemane prayer, "Nevertheless, not my will but your will be done," because we believe God has our best interests at heart. This is a prayer of faith. When we do so, we also proclaim God's faithfulness, trusting in Him in every situation. Be with us as Pastor David Bahn guides us as we hear how to seek God's will in everything we do.

  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – February 25, 2018 - Guest Kori de Leon will join host David Schultz this week on Engaging Truth. Kori is an author, a speaker, teacher, conference leader, and Director of Adoring Christ Ministries. Kori's latest book, "Age of Crowns: Pursuing Lives Marked by the Kingdom of God" will be released in April. Kori will help us understand why we often find ourselves unfulfilled. Too often our focus is on a world that is passing away. Jesus calls us to dream beyond the stars to the far greater things coming soon. God will shake us out of complacency, discouragement, and anxiety when we set our minds on the coming King.

  • Heisman Trophy Winner, NBA Player Who Loves the Lord – February 18, 2018 - Charlie Ward is a retired NBA basketball player and a college football Heisman Trophy winner. Charlie won a national championship as quarterback for Florida State, reached the Sweet Sixteen three times as a point guard for his school, and then went on to become a starting guard for the New York Knicks. Today he is committed to helping student athletes, leaders, organizations, and families better understand and embrace the process they must go through to find success while focusing on God's truth and His plans for their lives. David Schultz hosts.

  • Same-Sex Attraction - To There and Back – February 11, 2018 - This week on Engaging Truth, guest Pastor Mike Goeke will speak with host Dave Schultz about his struggle with same-sex attraction, his acceptance of a gay identity and his redemptive journey home. But it was not without struggle. And why? Mike says it like this, "Sexual behavior is the end of homosexuality. It all begins with deep confusion, isolation, pain, and search for identity." He says that we might be able to keep a gay person from acting out, and that might make our world a little "neater", but that it does nothing for the heart and soul of the person struggling with same-sex attraction. Mike concludes, "I used to think that Jesus died for me in spite of my struggle with same-sex attraction, but I've come to understand that be died for me BECAUSE of my struggle. He knew me when He hung on the cross and knew that I would be powerless to live beyond my struggle without His sacrifice. Make it a point to join us for this heart-felt discussion.

  • Serving the Lord With Gladness – February 4, 2018 - Lutheran Women in Mission, LWML, through their Mite Box contributions, have funded tens of millions of dollars in mission grants during its 75-year history. The LWML welcomes and encourages all LCMS women to use their unique God-given gifts to support the global ministries and missions of the church. Join guest Debbie Curry, President, LWML Texas District, and host David Schultz, as learn how this group, in fervent love, serves the Lord with gladness.

  • Acknowledging God's Plan for Your Life – January 28, 2018 - Shawn, Daniel and James are in year three of their seminary studies and, as Daniel says: "The more I delve into God's word the more I realize the depth of his wisdom. I was missing it all my life, trying to lean on my own understanding." Join hosts Bill Prewitt and David Schultz as we hear from these members of the Darrington Prison Seminary Junior Class as they learn to acknowledge God's grace and restoration in their lives.

  • Could It Really End? – January 21, 2018 - Could the time come when the abortion industry would no longer exist in America? If we look at statistics, in 1980 there were 29.3 abortions per 1,000 pregnancies; in 2016, there were 14.6 abortions per 1,000 pregnancies. Incrementally, that looks promising. But the reasons for abortions are still the same--25% say they are not ready for a child, 23% say they can't afford to raise a child, and 19% say they don't want the responsibility. The issue is really the attitude of the heart. Until the heart of those bringing children into the world know and confess Christ, and that the child they are bearing is coming from God, nothing will change. Is that not our job as people of Christ to provide that information, whatever it takes? Join Pastor Larry White with host Pastor David Schultz as they walk through the "real possibilities."

  • Seeking the Face of God Through Prayer – January 14, 2018 - We have all learned something of prayer from a parent, grandparent, or someone who loved us. Those first prayer attempts may have been clumsy, disjointed and even non-sensible. But we learned, that "God hears." As prayer became more than just "speaking to some cosmic indifference", we began to see treasures from Jesus like, "Ask and it shall be given you" or from the Apostle James, "You receive not because you ask not". Join our host, Rev. David Schultz, to explore the wonderful promises of God in and through prayer.

  • The Church of 2050 – January 7, 2017 - When our great grandparents came from Prussia to America in the 1800's, they wanted a pure "Lutheran teaching" among them. They were told that the only real enemy among them were the Methodists. But it did not take long for them to realize as pilgrims to this new land called America, that their real enemy was Satan, the world and their own sinful flesh. So, the early Prussian pilgrims began to plant church communities, first in Lee County, then in Houston and surrounding areas. Their search for other Lutherans, arriving from Germany, was the first effort of evangelism. Join guest Dr. Jerry Kieschnick, former President of the Texas District, LCMS, and more recently, the Past President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and host Pastor Dave Schultz for this relevant look to the past with hope for the future.

  • Finding Purpose in Prison – December 31, 2017 - David, Joe and Terry are nearing the end of their studies and are looking forward to becoming field ministers at other Texas Department of Criminal Justice units. As David says, "I'm excited about going out to do what God has laid before me." Join hosts Bill Prewitt and David Schultz as we hear from these members of the Darrington Prison Seminary Senior Class and their desire to serve the Lord and their fellow inmates as well.

  • Christmas and Music – December 24, 2017 - What is your favorite Christmas song, and why is it your favorite? "Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music." Martin Luther wrote these words in the 1500's, and they are as true today. Music has a powerful way of connecting head, heart and soul, perhaps especially at Christmas. Your host Pastor John Cain is joined by church musician Tony Sartain to talk about music and the peace and joy of this season.

  • Hope-Less, Hope-So or Hope-Filled – December 17, 2017 - Some try to celebrate Christmas the way they did as a child, but they can't. Something has gotten in the way to make it difficult and, in some cases, impossible to celebrate. Maybe a family resentment, a major hurt, a surprise divorce, or even an unexpected death. For them celebration seems "hopeless". For others there is a make-believe Christmas celebration, mired in the belief that just "maybe" Christmas will remove all the hurts of the past many years. For those, it is nothing more than "hope-so" time. If we are running low on "hope" this year because of unmet expectations, unkept promises and the fearful future, we must open our hearts to the possibilities of God's wonderful work in our lives that He provides through the forgiveness of sins. True hope is "confidence that God will do what He promises". Join guest Pastor David Bahn and host Dave Schultz in this timely discussion.

  • The Flood and Christmas – December 10, 2017 - Most people who have not had to endure the devastation of flooding cannot truly understand, not only the chaotic destruction, but the bruised heart that flood waters bring. It forever remains in the memory as a panic, and "Will this happen again?" and "When and how do I prepare for it?" Join guest Rev. Chris Singer and host Dave Schultz as they explore the "troubled waters" of the recent flood. Trinity Klein Lutheran Church assisted not only their pastor and members of the church, but many from the neighborhood who needed help, compassion and understanding. Without their help, 1,200 people being cared for and fed daily through Trinity Klein might never have happened. Their motive? As Paul said in II Cor. 5:14, "The love of Christ motivates me." You will be blessed by this most poignant conversation.

  • Advent and Christmas Angels – December 3, 2017 - The existence of angels, as recorded in Scripture, is not of critical importance when compared to the overall message of the Bible. That is, until we realize that angels are a creation of Jesus (Col 1:16), who is the center and focus of all Scripture. Of equal interest is that angels are something more than fantasy, they are representatives from the Throne of God, as Gabriel, one of the lead angels, shares in the history of the births of both John the Baptist and Christ. An angel appeared to the shepherds on the field of Bethlehem. An angel also appeared to Mary and Joseph after the birth of Jesus, to warn them to escape to Egypt because of the threats of Herod, and then reappeared when the danger was over, to tell them to return to Nazareth. Join both Bill Prewitt and Dave Schultz in this lively discussion of the angels in the Advent and birth of Christ.

  • Advent Preparation – November 26, 2017 - Preparation for anything takes thought and work. You can't fake preparation. Advent is a time of preparation for the blessed "coming" of Christ into a conflicted world, then and now. But the preparation is the same. Giving highest consideration for what has been done, (the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ) reflecting on that in prayer and devotion, and finally doing something in Christ's Name to bring hope and promise to others. Maybe the first something "to do in Advent" is to seek honest and meaningful reconciliation with someone difficult to love. Join guest Author Donna Pyle and host Pastor Dave Schultz in exploring that kind of "Advent Preparation."

  • Sola! What are We Fighting For? – November 19, 2017 - The future of the Church depends on our recognizing what we're fighting for, what we're fighting against, who we're fighting with, and maybe, above all, who we are ignoring while we're doing all this fighting. By reclaiming the central cry of the Reformation--sola gratia! sola fide! sola scriptura! - we can grow in our shared understanding of "the good fight" of the Gospel in the 21st Century. Join host David Schultz as he speaks with authors Heather Choate Davis and Leann Luchinger about their new book, "SOLA! What Are We Fighting For?"

  • Hurricane Harvey Destruction and Recovery – November 12, 2017 - Hurricane Harvey was the size of South Carolina. In the destructive wind and rain path, there was significant damage to congregation property, schools, homes and vehicles of the church members and pastors of the 123 congregations within the Texas District. Join our guests Rev. Steven Misch, Mission & Ministry Facilitator, and Julie Tucker from Concordia Lutheran Church in San Antonio to learn of the response of the LCMS District and Synod and how local pastors and congregations have impacted neighbors and communities with the love of Christ.

  • Jesus' Continued Healing – November 5, 2017 - Choices made by guest Dana Bahn, left her condemned, alone and broken. Yet, through the powerful work of Jesus, she learned of the incredible forgiveness He offers and has been restored. But, now what? No life is perfect and though she has been through the healing process, there are characteristics that have developed. Her struggles in managing stress and learning to see sin entering her life are connected to what she has lived through. Join Dana with host David Schultz to hear the rest of her redemptive story.

  • All Things Lutheran – October 29, 2017 - Dr. Gregory Seltz has been the Speaker of The Lutheran Hour since 2011, sharing the message of Jesus on over 1800 stations each week, globally. Soon, he will be our advocate in Washington D.C., as he assumes a new role as Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty. As Greg finishes his time as the voice of The Lutheran Hour, he records his final programs in Martin Luther's town, in the churches where Luther was known, in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Join host Pastor John Cain as we talk about the great Reformation that Luther started in 1517, The Lutheran Hour, and the future of Lutheran advocacy with the LCRL. lcms.org/lutheran-center-for-religious-liberty

  • Is Universalism Making its Move in the Church? – October 8, 2017 - Jeffrey Willey, Pastor of Christ United Church of Cypress, will join host David Schultz as they examine the current movement toward universalism within the church today. There is an active push in mainline denominations to reduce Christianity to a level equal with other world religions. This is being accomplished by the reduction of the Bible, the denial of Christ's divinity, and the rejection of Christ's death and resurrection. This informative conversation will enlighten and educate.

  • Bringing Christ to the Nations – October 1, 2017 - Lutheran Hour Ministries, a nearly 100 year-old organization, is about gathering the priesthood of all believers under a common calling to tell others about what Jesus has done. LHM describes this in their mission statement as "Bringing Christ to the Nations--and the Nations to the Church". The end result of these efforts is that LHM is able to reach more than 56 million people around the world each week with the Gospel. Kurt Buchholz, LHM President & CEO, shares with host David Schultz the plans and methods LHM has to reach the billions of people around the world who have not heard of the Gospel.

  • Hope When Your Heart Breaks – September 24, 2017 - Heartbreak hits all of us at some time or another. When grief and loss invade your life, what do you do? Is there any reason to have hope? Losing a loved one, being diagnosed with illness, experiencing a broken relationship, or suffering loss because of an unwelcome storm can lay you low. Join host David Schultz as he interviews Michael Newman, author of the new book, "Hope When Your Heart Breaks: Navigating Grief and Loss." You'll find the source of unshakeable hope.

  • What Does This Mean? – September 17, 2017 - The recent hurricanes have impacted many thousands of people. Some of these people are godly, righteous, committed Christians. Some of the damage was to church properties. What does this mean? It certainly shows us that "God causes the rains to fall on the just and the unjust alike." We have no guarantee that because we are disciples of Jesus that we won't suffer loss or experience hardship. Host David Schultz speaks with David Bahn, Senior Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church, on how to piece together hope as we piece together our lives, our homes, and our neighborhoods.

  • The Homeless Church & Hurricane Harvey – September 10, 2017 - Randall Mooney, author of "The Homeless Church" returns to Engaging Truth this week. Randall and others have observed the dream of the homeless church recently in the Houston area. "We are witnessing the body of Christ rising to the call of reaching out and ministering to others, despite their own losses, in a way we haven't watched for a while. I know that God is in the still small voice more than the storms, but I'm hoping that since this storm has brought our city to its knees that we will decide to pray harder than ever, while we are there." Join host David Schultz and Randall as we hear how the "dream of the homeless church," is possibly more relevant than ever.

  • Show Me How – August 20, 2017 - One of the main tasks Jesus gives us, the Church, is to disciple the nations. However, for most everyday Christians, the very thought of discipling our own family, friends and follow church members scares us. We think things like: "I can't do that! I don't know enough!" Or, "I'm not spiritual enough." We desperately want to delegate discipling to someone who knows more about it than we do. On the other hand, what if our fear of discipling comes from our misunderstanding of what discipling is? Listen as Host John Cain talks with Author Greg Finke about his new book "Joining Jesus - Show Me How: How to Disciple Everyday Missionaries." Greg will lead us back to the gospels to rediscover the answers to questions like, "According to Jesus, what is a disciple; what does a disciple do and how do we make a disciple?" www.dwelling114.org

  • Missional Communities Lead to Spiritual Families – August 13, 2017 - Aaron Lytle, lead pastor at Oikos in Houston, joins host Bill Prewitt to discuss the role of missional communities in the development of healthy spiritual families. Oikos is a Christian Church that seeks to be a family on mission together helping others experience Jesus and discipling those who do. To prepare a culture to operate with a spiritual family mindset you need to rediscover hospitality, or the practice of opening your home for the Lord's work. theoikos.org

  • Seeing the Face of Jesus – August 6, 2017 - Join us as Rev. Jeff Doria shares some interesting thoughts with Engaging Truth host David Schultz. Among them: "All people need Forgiveness, Acceptance, Community and Endurance. These can all be found as gifts of God in the celebration of Holy Communion. There we can see the F.A.C.E. of Jesus." Also, "Our culture drops F-bombs every day. The Church drops F-bombs as well---Faith, Freedom, Family, Forever, and Forgiveness. The Church's F-bombs can blow up the work of the evil one." These and others will be explored as we look for the face of Jesus in our everyday lives.

  • God's Better Plan – July 30, 2017 - Guest Juda Myers, choices4life.com, will speak with host David Schultz of the incredible passion she has for women who have experienced rape, became pregnant from that rape, and are encouraged to abort the child. Her goal is to educate the world to the value of every human life conceived, and to raise awareness of the multitudes living in shame from sexual abuse perpetrated against them. God is a great source of strength, wisdom and love. He has a greater plan than shame for these victims.

  • The Way to the Mormon Heart – July 16, 2017 - Host David Schultz will speak with Judy Robertson, author of "Out of Mormonism: A Woman's True Story" on her upcoming book about reaching the Mormon heart. Judy, having once lived the Mormon faith, has empathy for those who have been deceived as she was. Now her passion is to help open minds and hearts to a new and better way so that others may know the truth and be set free in Christ Jesus. "The best we can do is pray God will give us opportunities to speak truth into their lives in love."

  • Forgiveness: Received From God, Extended To Others – July 9, 2017 - In author Donna Pyle's newest Bible study guide book she shows that forgiving others means recognizing our own sin. It means looking to Jesus and His constant forgiveness toward us. It means sharing that same grace with others. With warmth and honesty, Donna draws from her own life experiences and points readers toward Scripture. Join host David Schultz as he and Donna discuss biblical forgiveness and spiritual transformation.

  • Church Polity Change – July 02, 2017 - Join us as we speak with Jeffrey Willey, Pastor of Christ United Church of Cypress. Pastor Willey will speak of the decisions made at the organization's recent church conference. Why is the denomination of the Thanksgiving Pilgrims abandoning Christ? How is the ultra-left movement undermining the Church? Why are some churches no longer confessing Christ as Lord and Savior? Why is there a rise of militant Universalism in the church? Pastor Willey and host David Schultz will discuss these difficult and disturbing questions on the next Engaging Truth.

  • The Homeless Church – June 25, 2017 - When Jesus said, "Behold I stand at the door and knock" He was actually speaking to a church. Why are people leaving the church by the thousands? Why are fewer and fewer people looking to the church for answers? What will it take to reverse this trend? The Homeless Church takes a fresh and honest look at the Christian Church in the world today...from the inside and the outside. While some are growing in numbers, many more have experienced enough decline to force some to shut their doors forever. Do these closures mean that God is out of business? Certainly not. Join Randall Mooney, author of "The Homeless Church" to hear why God never needed men to build Him a house. David Schultz hosts.

  • Modern Widows Club – June 11, 2017 - Being a widow is a unique journey. Losing your husband after a marriage is like losing a piece of yourself. You are so accustomed to seeing yourself in the role of wife, partner, and soulmate; then suddenly you find yourself standing alone - all alone. It seems so overwhelming. Your identity has been part of a marriage, and now you have to find a way to recreate yourself to become a brand new you that you have never known. That's where Modern Widows Club can help. It's a social support club. Join guest Natalie Lancaster, Regional Leader for the Houston Chapters of the Modern Widows Club, and hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we learn how this club can help walk your walk with you. Visit: https://modernwidowsclub.com/

  • Birth of the Christian Church – June 04, 2017 - Pentecost is a holiday on both Jewish and Christian calendars. The fiftieth day after Passover and Easter, the day marks the conclusion of a religious season. In the ancient world, people were forbidden to work on this day, but expected to worship. It was then that God sent the Holy Spirit to give birth to the Christian church. And the rest, as they say, is history! Join your hosts, Pastors Schultz and Cain for today's discussion.

  • Engaging Millennials with the Gospel – May 28, 2017 - Millennials are headed to church less than their parents and previous generations, and they are deeply skeptical of the usefulness of religion and spirituality in general. Yet all is far from lost when it comes to engaging millennials with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Host John Cain will speak with author, speaker, and pastor Matt Popovits, of Our Saviour New York, as he shares insights learned from loving and leading millennials in New York City and passes along his keys for connecting with, what he believes, is an incredible generation.

  • Living Life & Growing Disciples – May21, 2017 - Our conversation this week will be with Rev. Jonathan Goeke. Rev. Goeke is pastor of a new mission start in North Houston of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. This church, Community of Hope, is committed to following Jesus' lead by demonstrating love through actions. COH is deliberately and slowly growing disciples through intentional relationships. COH has learned that life has different phases and different perspectives, and that it's great for all of those perspectives to be present. We can learn a lot from each other! Join our hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we discover how COH is living life and growing disciples.

  • Say That Again, Please – May 7, 2017 - There are times in our discussions that someone may ask us to repeat what we have just said. In our minds, we had thought that what was said was very clear. But not in the mind of the hearer; he/she needs to have it repeated. So it was with the disciples in John 10. Jesus often spoke in parables to them so they would get the real meaning behind the story, and would be able to relate it to the people with whom they would speak. But when Jesus talked to them about the "sheep" and the "sheep gate", it was an illustration that every Jew or Galilean would relate to and clearly understand. Join hosts John Cain and Dave Schultz as they analyze the illustration of the "sheep", the "sheep gate", and the critical importance of the "voice" of the Shepherd.

  • The Next Generation of Christians – April 30, 2017 - There is a well-documented trend of millennials leaving the church or turning away from their faith. Millennials are the generation born after 1980, so their oldest members are now around 35 years old. George Barna is a widely respected researcher and analyst of Christianity in the U.S. He is the author of over 50 books and the president of the American Culture and Faith Institute culturefaith.com. In addition to their youthfulness, Barna examines the millennial's desire for social consciousness, their worldview, as well as their spirituality. Join Pastors Schultz and Cain in this conversation with George Barna.

  • Engaging the Unengaged – April 23, 2017 - There is one characteristic that is often used to describe millennials: engaged. There is a desire to be hands-on in their workplace, to be part of a team rather than a subordinate receiving orders. They desire to be engaged with their friends, both in an online manner through social media and in regular interaction with their friends and peers. These young people also seek out ways to be involved in their local communities and (if they are involved in one) their church. How are we engaging them? Are they pushed off to the side because of a lack of expertise and experience, or are we seeking out their input and involvement? How can we engage them in a meaningful manner, which would encourage others in their generation to be involved? Guest Stephen DeMik, Pastor of Cypress Chapel, and hosts John Cain and David Schultz will speak to these questions as we seek to engage the unengaged.

  • A Millennial Conversation – April 16, 2016 - Millennials are constantly "engaged" in the global world through instantaneous updates, globalization, and frequent travel opportunities, but disengaged from those in close proximity; they are optimistic and passionate about pursuing impactful change in their world, but ignorantly unaware of the struggle and investment that is required as a part of the process; they are skeptical of institutions and "the man", but fail to learn from the wisdom of society and their elders. Listen in as host David Schultz speaks with Emma Clifford and Hector and Paula Flores on this revolutionary dichotomy and how God enters the picture of millennials.

  • Millennial Comfort – April 9, 2017 - This week we welcome Lyndsey and Gina, two young ladies who are attending college full time and working to supplement their needs. Aren't they entitled to more than full-time work and school? Weren't they promised that it would be a "little easier than this"? In addition, God is being pushed to the back burner by the educational and political environment in which they live and they are being led to believe that God is just not that "relevant" to where they are going. How can they keep all this together and still have confidence that "God will never fail them?" Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz in this timely discussion with these young millennials.

  • Leading Millennials to a New Reality – April 2, 2017 - Millennials approach truth differently than previous generations. By listening to the questions, they are asking about living in this world and leading them through the Scriptures, we can show them how the Scriptures apply to their lives. As they see the Scriptures working, they'll begin to see how God is their new reality. As Christian believers, we must be willing to find a way to fill all people with the love of Christ. Join our hosts, John Cain and David Schultz, along with guests, Lance Jordan and Jon Paulk, as this approach to reaching millennials is discussed.

  • The Millennial Mystery – April 2, 2017 - The church today seems really unauthentic to young people. Folks in the boomer generation seem to prefer to keep the church in its current form rather than change it to reach their own children, yet they criticize their adult children for not attending. When young people look at most churches, they see time and treasure given to basically supporting the congregation, instead of investing in community outreach. With these and many more conflicting outlooks, how do we reach the millennials? Join our guest millennial, Worship Director Jordan Even, to hear his thoughts on unraveling this mystery. David Schultz hosts.

  • Staying Faithful – March 26, 2017 - Attorney Greg Koch, who co-hosts "In the Trenches" on Sportstalk 790, started playing football in the third grade. He played through elementary school, middle school, high school, and four years at the University of Arkansas. He played in the NFL for 11 years, most of them with the Green Bay Packers as an offensive lineman. He is a member of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame. He left the NFL in 1988 to attend law school. Join host John Cain as he speaks with Greg about his sports career and staying faithful in an ever-increasing secular world.

  • From the Major Leagues to the Global Water Crisis – March 12, 2017 - Professional baseball player Scott Linebrink started as a walk-on for tryouts at Concordia University of Texas. Later he transferred to Southwest Texas State, and ultimately played professionally, pitching 12 seasons in the major leagues. Describing himself as "a small kid" and a "late bloomer," he marvels at what God has done in his life. Baseball went from being his "idol," to a God-given platform to live life in true peace and contentment. After baseball, Scott continued his Christian witness by working with WaterMission.org. Join host John Cain as he talks with Scott Linebrink about the big leagues and life in Christ.
  • Malachi Dads – March 5, 2017 - Malachi Dads is a program for fathers in prison who want to reclaim and heal broken relationships with their children. This ministry emphasizes the biblical role of fathers and works to restore and enhance a father's life-long influence on his children. The incarcerated fathers are reminded of their God-given roles and responsibilities as the spiritual leader for their children and their family. It puts the responsibility of breaking the cycle of crime in the hands of the fathers, where it belongs. Join guest, Pastor Tracy Baskin, of King's Pavilion Ministries, as we learn of this ministry of reconciliation. John Cain and David Schultz hosts.

  • Spiritual Transformation in the Prison System – February 26, 2017 - Field Director Bill Loyd, Prison Fellowship Ministries, works to help offenders prosper and be a benefit to society when released from prison. Recidivism is reduced and public safety is positively impacted through moral and spiritual rehabilitation. By providing pastoral care, the offenders will be better prepared to reenter society with better coping skills and valuable spiritual understanding. Hosts John Cain and David Schultz will learn how Prison Fellowship Ministries is doing God's work behind bars.

  • How God Changed My Life and Focus – February 19, 2017 - John Krueger serves as Director of Choir and Music at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Houston. Over the years, he has sung with the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Gilbert and Sullivan Society and others. He recently completed a certificate in liturgical studies at the University of Notre Dame. Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we learn how, when at a crossroads in his life and faith, this experience changed his life. We will also learn of his plans to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

  • Steps of Faith – February 19, 2017 - Brian and Leah Foutz, authors of "From Misery to Ministry" and "Steps of Faith" will be joining hosts John Cain and David Schultz for an encouraging message of hope and trust on Engaging Truth. After the loss of their only child in 2004, Brian and Leah began a journey into helping others take baby steps of faith toward healing. In their first book, "From Misery to Ministry: A Walk of Faith", they began to experience unique and divine encounters that would change their lives forever, as well as the lives of those they met. These encounters would become the stepping stones for their own steps of faith...learning to trust Him in all things and for all things.

  • Defend the Innocent Part I – February 12, 2017 - Abortion has been legal and socially acceptable in our land for over four decades. We have slowly grown accustomed to the horror. Evil has become ordinary. Like the proverbial frog in the kettle slowly heated to boiling, America and her churches have failed to discern the death and destruction which has engulfed us. The silence of the church and her pastors in the face of the moral catastrophe of abortion is deafening. It is the consequence of a devilish combination of ignorance and cowardice. The sad result is a denial of the power of the gospel and a betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ. The blood of millions of innocent unborn children is on our hands for we alone have the power to stop the killing and have failed in fear to use it. In this special one hour presentation of Engaging Truth, hosts John Cain and David Schultz will speak with Dr. Lawrence White, Sr. Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, about God's calling to each of us to defend the innocent.

  • Defend theInnocent Part II - February 12, 2017 - Part two of the program.

  • The Beatitudes - January 29, 2017 - Do you ever feel persecuted, alone, hurt or sad? Very early in Jesus' ministry, he spoke to a crowd of what is known as the Beatitudes. His "blessed are" statements are often misunderstood as a "to do list." Instead, they are designed to encourage you and give you hope. Join Pastors Cain and Schultz as they explore Jesus' powerful words meant for our comfort and support.

  • Leading Millennials to a New Reality – January 22, 2017 - Millennials approach truth differently than previous generations. By listening to the questions they are asking about living in this world and leading them through the Scriptures, we can show them how the Scriptures apply to their lives. As they see the Scriptures working, they'll begin to see how God is their new reality. As Christian believers, we must be willing to find a way to fill all people with the love of Christ. Join our hosts, John Cain and David Schultz, along with guests, Lance Jordan and Jon Paulk, as this approach to reaching millennials is discussed.

  • Rare Community – January 15, 2017 - This week on Engaging Truth, Mose and Kathy Dunning will be introducing the "RARE Community/Houston Event" being held at Christ the King Lutheran Church on 01/21/17. Imagine seeing people building a deeply secure, intimate, and interactive connection with the Lord, overflowing with appreciation and gratitude. Rare Community is a seminar about developing one's relational connection with the Lord and others to build a community of trust, joy and engagement. Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we learn of a practical and effective approach to living in Christ and with others.
    RARE Community Houston Event

  • Where Have the Millennials Gone? – January 8, 2017 - One of the main questions we hear about millennials, those born 1981-2001, is why aren't they in church? And, what can we do to get them back? The Church's reason for being is the same as it was when Jesus gave us the Great Commission: Make disciples. And yet many of today's leaders aren't sure how to grab hold of this generation and help them catch a vision for following Jesus. Join hosts Revs. John Cain and David Schultz as they speak with Revs. Nathan and Zach Misch, themselves millennials, about how to effectively engage this age group for the Kingdom.
  • The Reason for Their Hope – January 01, 2017 - Join hosts John Cain and David Schultz as we hear from a few of the junior seminary students at the Darrington Maximum Security Penitentiary in Rosharon, TX. You will hear the message of their hope and faith in Christ Jesus as they study to become field ministers/evangelists, eventually sharing the Gospel to the 155,000 adults in Texas prisons.

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