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Welcome to Evangelical Life Ministries

Evangelical Life Ministries (ELM) believes the Christian Church has a powerful soul saving and rescuing message, and the media market-place should be used as a forum for bringing this message to others.  ELM is doing this now each Sunday night over station KKHT The Word, 100.7FM Houston from 7:00-8:00pm with the program entitled Engaging Truth.We will continue to use the technology of radio and the Internet to broadcast relevant winsome Christ-centered programs - to spread the Good News of Christ.

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ELM is to broadcast God's Truth by finding the most relevant and capable guests to articulate the truth of God’s Word in a culture that truly appears to be moving more and more from a strong relationship and trust in the living God and His Word, the Bible, to a trust in science and technology to solve our nation’s emotion and spiritual issues. Please read more about ELM.  Download our brochure. Would you like to help our ministry?

Thank you for visiting our website and being obedient to the Spirit of God that led you here. We are glad you want to learn more about us and our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please feel free to . We are here for you and want to help you in your faith walk.

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Evangelical Life Ministries
Evangelical Life Ministries

Meet our Hosts

ELM HostsJohn Cain (left): Rev. John Cain is the Senior Pastor of Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Houston, where he has served since 1996. Prior to the ministry, he was an Exploration Geologist for twelve years. Pastor Cain is passionate about demonstrating the relevancy of the Gospel, and the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, to people living in the 21st century. In addition to his position as Senior Pastor of Gethsemane, he also serves on the board of directors for two non-profit organizations: Evangelical Life Ministries and the Area D Prison and Jail Ministry Consortium (of the LCMS' Texas District). The Prison and Jail Consortium seeks to advance Christian education of inmates, bringing about true moral rehabilitation.

David Schultz (right): Rev. David Schultz retired from full-time active ministry in 2008, after years spent in Wisconsin, Arizona, St. Louis, Austin and Houston. During 40 of those years was active in Christian radio; 14 years in Phoenix, then Manager of KFUO 850AM in St. Louis, and now Chair of Evangelical Life Ministries “Engaging Truth” programming . The fascination of doing talk radio out of Houston weekly is not in the “doing”, but in where the programming is heard in other places, not only in America but the world, in places where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is forbidden to be proclaimed. People come to our website from places like China, India, Pakistan, Iran and even Russia, asking questions of “God” and “origin of man”. Social media and ingenious technology will help get the Gospel to the world. Jesus said it like this, “The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in ALL the world as a testimony to ALL nations, and then shall the END COME.” Matthew 24:14